Captain’s Log, Weekly Digest 2

A summary of the past week of posts to my in-character Star Trek Online Tumblr, chronicling the adventures of E.N. Morwen, a science-loving and thoughtful young woman trapped in a galaxy of warring space giants.

  • Personal log: Morwen’s feelings on being put permanently in command of the Oracle.
  • Stranded in Space: The Oracle is assigned to look for a lost freighter, and finds trouble.
  • Diplomatic Orders: The Oracle is assigned to protect an ambassador who is not all that he seems.
  • Oracle‘s Last Stand: When a Borg fleet enters the Sirius Sector, Morwen is determined to help stop them. In the aftermath, she struggles to deal with her sense of failure.
  • Celes Patrol: Morwen and Kolez investigate possible sabotage on Starbase 114.
  • Hide and Seek: The Nephilim explores the Paulson Nebula in an attempt to determine why the fake Ambassador Sokketh sent a signal there.
  • Starbase 24 Defense: The Nephilim must help defend Starbase 24 from a massive Klingon fleet that has slipped behind Federation lines.
  • Stop the Signal: The Nephilim searches for a hidden Klingon listening post in Federation space.
  • Researcher Rescue: When contact is lost with an archeological research station in the Kassae system, the Nephilim is sent to investigate and provide assistance.
  • [Promotion]: Lieutenant Commander: Morwen is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given command of a new ship, the small but advanced science vessel USS Sakura. She has mixed feelings about this.

0 thoughts on “Captain’s Log, Weekly Digest 2

  1. In the future, you may want to append a “/chrono” to the URL when you link to a group of posts with a common tag. That'll get Tumblr to arrange them from oldest to newest.

    In any case, I'm loving the analysis of the disconnect between the usual MMORPG MO and the principles of Starfleet.

  2. Ooh, handy! Yes, I will definitely start doing that.

    And thanks! As the logs go on I sometimes focus more on that, sometimes more on trying to give my character and her crew some characterization, but either way I'm enjoying it.

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