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[13:59] Click la Click
[14:00] (I can’t believe it took me this long to think of that)
[14:00] Whoa, a combo mecha
01[14:00] I see they were saving up some animation budget for this ep.
[14:00] It’s supposed to look phallic, right? That has to be intentional
[14:01] Whoa
[14:01] Well, Mako referred to the “big rubber barrier,” so yeah.
[14:01] Ad.
[14:02] Wait, Ragyo can just yank the stars from the uniforms just like that?
[14:02] When I listen to it, it sounds like they were able to do a pun in Japanese on submission and clothing
[14:02] With her ridiculous new super clothes, yes, yes she can.
[14:02] So, this is the final handicap fight
[14:03] (it’s weird, usually the final miniboss is the “gimmick” fight, and the final battle is an all-out brawl)
[14:03] Crunchyroll is not being kind to FoME today
[14:03] Finally back.
[14:04] Because of course it’s named “Shinra” something
[14:04] And then Ragyo brags of her corporate success.
[14:04] A ball of yarn… I love it
[14:04] And now they get OHKO’d
[14:05] Eeyup, called it
[14:05] Interrupting their cut scene? That’s just rude.
[14:05] Worse, she interrupted their attack callouts
[14:05] Also, tide of LCL.
01[14:05] LCL!
[14:06] So, are the Elite Four gonna be OHKO’d first, or are they more crucial?
[14:06] Whoa, Mako underwent asexual duplication
[14:06] Whoa
[14:06] Yep, Nui’s officially lost it
[14:07] Ryuko Matoi: Legendary Artifact Creature
[14:07] Bikini fight, of course
[14:07] And here’s his Disney Death
[14:07] Hououmaru is that assistant, right?
[14:08] Yeah, the one with the sunglasses.
[14:08] Hououmaru Rei, yes
[14:08] Ad.
[14:08] Shorter one.
[14:08] Another ad, now? What time are you paused at?
[14:08] I’m back.
[14:08] 6:15
[14:09] Whoa
[14:09] She got a new one
[14:09] Eww
[14:09] I mean, it’s not gonna work, but that’s still awesome
[14:09] Oh, it allowed their friends to break free
[14:10] Why did they need a panty shot on this series?
[14:10] Headbutt!
[14:10] Whoa, Ragyo’s teeth go sharp
[14:10] Heh. Scissor sisters.
[14:11] Nonon saves the day!
01[14:11] Whoah, that’s a lot of Nuis.
[14:11] Ooh, now THAT was an insult, coming from him
[14:11] “You’re not worth collecting data on?” That’s the worst thing he can say to someone
[14:11] Hahah, Nonon calls him out on his Disney Death
[14:12] Eww
[14:12] Totem Pole attack
[14:12] And then Gamagoori tore through the AT Frield and became a Ganmen.
[14:12] Ah, he really does attack with his scary face
01[14:12] That is 100% what just happened.
[14:12] And it’s ejaculated
01[14:12] Yeah, that was intentional.
[14:12] So, does Ragyo’s healing power drain her HP?
[14:13] Uh oh
[14:13] Whoa
01[14:13] “Gir, self-destruct, now!” “FINALLY! EeeheheheheheheBOOM”
[14:13] Ad.
[14:13] It’s Safer-Nui
[14:13] Last one.
[14:14] I’m back.
[14:14] I’m at exactly 11:00
[14:15] Ragyo has issues, as has been established
[14:15] We have liftoff!
[14:16] Ah, so now are all the Earthlings going to wind up fighting it off at once?
[14:16] Uh… Mako?
[14:16] Giving her a reason to come back.
[14:16] What the…
[14:17] Oooooooookay, that happened
[14:17] By their powers combined, she is Captain Fashion.
01[14:17] That’s basically my reaction every time Mako’s on screen.
01[14:17] …they’re doing a combining mech thing NOW?
[14:17] Ooh, Phoenix form!
[14:18] Aww, Satsuki should be up there with her
[14:18] Well duh
[14:19] She’s gonna need to channel her energy and the love from her friends into her final attack
[14:19] They misspelled “principle,” of course
01[14:19] She’s gone super-saiyan, maybe a soul bomb?
[14:20] Well, she’s kind of wearing everyone’s fightnig spirit…
[14:20] “So what now, Jack Sparrow? Are we to be two immortals battling each other until judgment day?”
[14:21] This is basically Vegeta’s plan to beat Freiza
[14:21] “Tough love,” of course that’s how she absorbs it
[14:21] “I get stronger when I almost die, so beat the shit out of me”
[14:21] You said that already
01[14:22] Oh yeah, I forgot they absorb life fibers after battles.
[14:22] Oh, they’re BOTH as well as neither
[14:22] Giant red text battle!
[14:22] Ahah, of course the dramatic statements are being printed
01[14:23] And then seven billion people fell out of the sky, burned on re-entry, and went splat.
[14:23] Well, presumably the Life Fibers had just enough energy left to help them survive the fall
[14:23] Whoa… going into Once Upon a Time territory now, only grosser
[14:23] That is not a healthy looking heart.
[14:23] Well, it’s Ragyo’s heart, of course it’s not healthy
[14:24] Now that’s a good reply
[14:24] Aww, his heroic sacrifice
[14:24] I bet if Ragyo had taken Matoi’s offer instead of doing that, Satsuki would have been displeased
[14:24] Isn’t “wrapping things up” what clothes are supposed to do?
01[14:24] *rimshot*
[14:25] Anime physics
[14:25] AHAHAH
[14:25] Anime physics to the max
[14:25] This is like, the logical extension of anime physics
[14:26] Okay, how is the closing different?
[14:26] Do we see their date?
[14:26] We’re about to, yes.
[14:27] (that doesn’t count as a spoiler if it’s about 15 seconds ahead of time)
[14:27] D’awwwww
[14:27] (Didn’t think it would.)
01[14:27] But… Gamagoori?
[14:27] Satsuki cut her hair?
[14:27] That doesn’t seem right
[14:27] Blink and you’ll miss him, Froborr.
[14:28] I love this song, BTW
[14:28] Wow
01[14:28] No, I saw him dressed like Saved by the Bell extras with the other Elite Four
[14:28] So that was Kill la Kill
01[14:28] I was referring to the fact that he and Mako were kind of developing into a thing..?
[14:28] A lot of people like it, but you can’t deny that some seriously bad decisions went into this show
[14:28] I was expecting that too
01[14:28] So that was Kill la Kill. It was… okay?
[14:29] So, was it worth it?
01[14:29] The liveblogs were interesting enough to make it worth it.
[14:29] (I also ship Satsuki and Nonon, because they’re both awesome)
[14:29] You see people on the internet say that this is a friendship date, but naw
01[14:29] Even if I’d given it a second chance without the liveblog, I doubt I would have watched past That Scene.
03[14:30] * Sylocat changes topic to ‘Welcome to Rabbit Cube! During the MLP hiatus, we stream anime instead. Next series TBA! ‘
01[14:30] I mean, the series DID just end with the entire cast in a naked cuddle pile.
[14:30] They made Mako/Gamagoori the most popular het ship in the show and then sank it for Mako/Ryuko
01[14:30] So it’s entirely possible everyone/everyone to be a ship.
[14:30] Yeah, I get the feeling a number of characters are gonna be non-monogamous
[14:30] Though their date is pretty Platonic
01[14:31] Yeah, but they’re anime characters.
01[14:31] They *might* hold hands after six months of marraige.
[14:31] Heh. Point.
[14:31] Structurally, Mako has been The Protagonist’s Girlfriend for a while
[14:32] I did like that there was no hetero love interest for either Ryuko or Satsuki
[14:32] One of the common resolutions of the “overwhelmed by the dangerous power they wield” crisis is being brought back to their senses by the love interest
[14:32] As Mako did. Twice.
[14:33] Some people read Senketsu as a “sword boyfriend” (another example is the Transistor from the game of that title)
[14:33] And Satsuki did once
[14:33] (and while Ryuko and Satsuki are sisters, they didn’t grow up together… just pointing that out)
01[14:34] This show has enough icky incestual stuff going on as it is, Sylocat.
[14:34] Oh, believe me, I know
01[14:35] Netflix is now recommending I watch Gurren Lagann, which is just serving to remind me how much more I enjoyed it than this.
[14:36] IIRC, a number of the same people worked on that and this?
[14:36] They did, hence the numerous references to several Gainax shows.
01[14:37] Yes, Studio Trigger is basically made up of the people who made Gurren Lagann.
[14:38] I think that’s fair, but I also think Kill la Kill is important because it allowed shouty and angry women to totally run the show, while Gurren Lagann’s two principle woman exist to a.) be moe and motivate Simon b.) kiss a couple of dudes just before they die
01[14:39] Excellent point.
[14:39] A lot of people love this show, a lot of people hate this show, and there are reasons for that.
[14:40] It isn’t a show that’s easy to feel neutral towards.
01[14:40] I kind of do though?
[14:40] I manage that just fine
01[14:40] Basically because there are bits of it that are great and bits that are horrible and mostly it just feels like somebody autotuned Gurren Lagann.
[14:43] I feel like Gurren Lagann involved at least one of the principles expressing some of their intense life experiences though stuff they really like, while KlK was the same person or people just indulging in those same things that they really like
[14:45] I caught a whole bunch of weird symbolism and metaphor at various points of KLK, though I’m not sure it’s worth going over it with a magnifying glass to unpack it
[14:45] (at least one analyst claimed it was a metaphor for State Shinto or something, IIRC)
01[14:45] That’d be Charles Dunbar and Kit Paige.
01[14:45] They have a book coming out.
[14:46] Satsuki’s speech to the sewing club president about how school uniforms are based on military uniforms definitely suggests that reading
01[14:47] IIRC I think they argue that Satsuki is Amaterasu, Ryuko is an oni, and Ragyo is Ho-oh?
[14:49] Hm, I’m not sure I buy a reading in which there’s that much of an asymmetry between Ryuko and Ragyo
[14:49] Sorry, Ryuko and Satsuki
[14:49] Like, you can very easily draw a Red Oni / Blue Oni read of them
[14:50] They have a Red/Blue color scheme and the differences between their personalities line up with the trope
01[14:50] Wait… but Ryuko’s got the Red personality and the blue clothes, while Satsuki has the Blue personality and white clothes..?
[14:51] The color of the wrist gadget Ryuko uses to transform is red
[14:51] All the trim on Ryuko’s clothes is red
[14:51] The armband that Satsuki uses to transform is blue
01[14:51] Ah, yes, I see.
[14:52] I’m not familiar with Ho-oh other than I think there’s a pokemon named that?
[14:52] Like apparently the legendary pokemon are basically dieties so I guess it’s not terribly surprising
01[14:53] Ho-oh is the Eastern phoenix, bascially, which is MUCH more powerful than its Western coutnerpart. Also called Hinotori and Otori, I believe.
01[14:53] Associated with rainbows, eternal life, cosmic power, enlightenment.
[14:54] Because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west?
01[14:54] Er, I meant Eastern as in “East Asian culture” as opposed to Western as in “West Asian and European culture”
[14:55] They do a lot of visual compare and contrast with Ragyo and Satsuki
[14:55] The close up shots of either of them making a step forward before speechifying, with a clear sound effect for the heel landing on a hard surface
[14:56] Ragyo’s rainbow presence and Satuki’s white light presence
[14:56] Reminds me of Gandalf’s line about Saruman starting to wear a robe that was not white, but woven of many colors
[14:57] I always thought that was an odd way to know that the Way of the Enemy was upon him
[14:58] I too found it odd that it was the villain who had the rainbow aesthetic… even outside of MLP, aren’t rainbows usually the good team’s thing?
[14:59] It’s actually kind of ironic, because one of the themes of the villains here was homogenity. And yet, there’s Ragyo, with her rainbow aura.

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  1. So towards the end of the chat we talked a bit about how the post that was supposed to be a poll / suggestion box for the result of the poll quite naturally turned out to be just a suggestion box and there's got to be another post to be just a poll and actually turn up a result

    well I just got another suggestion
    inou battle wa nichijou-kei no naka de / when supernatural battles become commonplace
    It's ongoing, by studio trigger (i.e. the ttgl/klk team) and I saw on tumblr a clip out of the show of a dude getting 10000% TOLD it was amazing and I am suggesting it on the basis of that clip alone I like it that much. Crunchyroll says it's about a bunch of kids who get super powers but don't get a villain to automatically direct their super powers against so they have to decide what to do.

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