Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 10 Liveblog

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01[15:02] Now then.
[15:02] I still say that logo looks like Speedy Gonzales
[15:02] Probably by teleporting, you guys
01[15:02] Are they actually going to animate the gravity difference?
[15:02] Ah yes, when we left off, they were about to launch a rescue mission for Tuxedo Fedora by going to the moon
01[15:02] That’d be pretty sweet.
[15:02] that’s a thing y’all can do
[15:03] That’s a waning crescent.
[15:03] I was about to say, “At least she’s going for herself, and not for the jerk,” but then of course she thinks about him
01[15:03] I can never remember which way the shadow goes on the moon.
[15:03] Right to left.
01[15:04] Good to know.
[15:04] Wouldn’t it be like “West to east” or vice-versa?
01[15:04] Nope.
01[15:05] Huh, no ad at end of credits.
01[15:05] Wait.
01[15:05] Usagi has a father!?
[15:05] That’s weird
01[15:05] I assumed her mome just reproduced parthenogenically, like most anime parents!
[15:05] Yeah, we saw him in the episode where Tuxedo Mask kissed Usagi while she was asleep.
[15:06] Ah yes, we were distracted by Tuxedo Mask’s jerkitude
01[15:06] I missed it, what did she say that freaked out her parents?
[15:06] I missed it too
[15:06] He asked if the crystal was from a boyfriend and she replied “something like that”
01[15:06] Wait, they waited like two weeks!?
[15:06] That’s… a weird thing to freak parents out
01[15:07] Well, she’s a bit on the yougn side for it, isn’t she?
[15:07] In the original anime her dad freaked out a whole lot more
[15:07] Ah, he wasn’t expecting her to say yes
[15:07] Ooh, nice teleport ring
[15:07] Standing in a fountain, nice aesthetic
[15:07] And so Luna banishes them to the Moon.
01[15:08] Yep.
01[15:08] Somebody HAS to have made that mashup by now, right?
[15:08] Huh. You’d think.
01[15:08] Hmm.
[15:08] I’ve seen plenty of fanart with the two of them.
[15:08] “There’s no sound here” she says with her voice
01[15:08] Did they go to the Sea of Serenity in the original manga, or was that a reference to the English dub?
[15:08] ad
[15:09] There’s the ad.
[15:09] So, “Silver Millennium” is the name of the place?
[15:09] “Princess Serenity” is the original name
[15:09] Apparently. I always figured it was reference to the time period.
[15:09] So it’s probably a reference to that
01[15:09] Ah.
[15:10] I’m back.
01[15:10] Arrlaari, back?
[15:10] I’m back
[15:10] “Moon Castle.” Wow. Really?
[15:11] Wait, a King Arthur reference?
[15:11] Really?
[15:11] Except everyone except the queen has to pull it out, apparently.
[15:11] Oh, they get it out without her?
01[15:11] Best Sword in the Stone riff ever remains Shadow Hearts: From the New World.
[15:12] Wow… this is freaky
01[15:12] Wow, her mom was short.
[15:12] One of the Silver Millennium VIs survived the Reapers.
01[15:12] Kitty Cans!
01[15:13] Also: I guess this is the final nail in my “the moon people were hideous blob monsters” theory.
01[15:13] Ah well.
[15:13] Alas. I like that theory.
[15:13] Great, her forbidden love for Endouchemion made sure she could save the world in her next life
[15:13] Whoa, it’s the bad guy from The Fifth Element
01[15:14] Huh. Are they implying they weren’t native to the Moon, but *sent* there from elsewhere? Interesting.
01[15:14] Certainly makes more sense.
[15:14] “Keep his sanity?”
[15:15] So, do they rebuild the Moon Palace at any point in the manga?
[15:15] The parts that weren’t already turned to stone, anyway.
01[15:15] Please don’t answer that question.
[15:15] Asking for spoilers, can’t giv e’em
[15:15] Ooh, it’s like Hyrule in Wind Waker
[15:15] (ah yeah, I forgot not to ask for spoilers… sorry)
[15:15] “Help me Usa-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”
[15:16] Great… “girls crying saves the world,” again
[15:16] I suppose it’s better than “girls crying endangers the world,”
[15:16] Again, this sounds like music from Makoto Shinkai movies
[15:17] A couple thousand years in low power mode chewed through the batteries.
[15:17] Ad.
[15:17] ad
01[15:17] Also: you can’t hear ANY sounds on the moon, because there is NO AIR
01[15:18] *implodes*
[15:18] Well, presumably they breathe with magic
[15:18] Barring magic dialogue powers.
01[15:18] No, I had no problem with them talking in the previous scene, there’s a bazillion explanations.
[15:18] Back.
01[15:18] My problem is with the silly line after.
[15:19] ad over
[15:19] Why didn’t they put the ad between the two commercial-break tags?
[15:19] And there’s a transition clearly meant for ads
[15:19] shortly after the ad
[15:19] Oh, Crunchyroll…
01[15:20] I am pretty sure Crunchyroll’s ad placement is automated by a system that isn’t very smart.
01[15:20] Especially since two people can get different ads for the same episode, as we’ve seen before.
[15:20] “Queen Metalia?” That’s the villain name?
[15:20] Yup.
[15:20] We have an evil queen working for another evil queen.
[15:21] I wrote a bad fanfic fifteen years ago with a villain name like that
[15:21] Ah, they have been hinting at this a while. They never covered it in the older anime
[15:21] Wait, these four were good guys in their last lives?
01[15:21] Oho, plot twist, the generals served Tuxedo Fedora.
[15:21] Huh. The old anime didn’t have that
[15:21] It’s one of the most frequently mentioned changes
01[15:22] Odd choice storywise, having them remember only to immediately be mind-controlled.
[15:23] Wait, they’re locating the bad guys’ hideout with plate tectonics?
[15:23] And the waste heat from their hideout.
[15:23] Ooh, it’s like a much better version of “State of Fear”
[15:23] Ooh, a tennis boss fight!
[15:24] Dang, they only reflected one projectile
[15:24] Sailor V remembers them?
[15:24] Oh jeez, don’t tell me they were coupled together
[15:24] Oh, for crying out loud.
[15:24] For the love of…
01[15:25] Oh FFS
[15:25] Love apparently trumps survival instincts.
[15:25] I no longer find their being brainwashed good guys to be an interesting plot twist
[15:25] Wait, Bella Swan snaps them out of it?
[15:25] Hey, here’s an idea: Each scout goes after one of the guys who WASN’T her boyfriend
01[15:26] Man, that is a POTEN status-cure spell she has.
[15:26] ad
[15:26] Ad.
[15:26] That is easily the worst ad placement I’ve seen on crunchyroll
[15:26] Usagi apparently has the Elements of Harmony lodged in her wand.
01[15:27] Well, I mean, the elements of harmony are PRETTY OBVIOUSLY based on exactly the kind of magical girl team Sailor Moon epitomizes.
[15:27] ad over
[15:27] Ad done.
[15:27] Yeah, except the Elements are actually AIDED with the powers of love and self-respect, rather than hindered by them
01[15:28] I’m still annoyed that it lined up as neatly as Sailor Moon + 4 Senshi hook up with Endymion + 4 Generals.
01[15:29] Ah, and of course now we get the Evil Brainwashed Boyfriend maneuver.
01[15:29] Ehhh.
[15:29] Mamoru is kind of the archetypical Evil Brainwashed Boyfriend
01[15:29] The last couple of episodes have been… not great.
[15:30] At least they found time for a fight after exposition today
[15:30] I dare to hope that the brainwashed boyfriend arc will have a better moral than, “Your love will snap him out of it.”
[15:30] (don’t confirm or deny that)
[15:30] This whole setup was based on an idea Naoko Takeuchi had after she could employ it in the original manga.
01[15:30] I suspect that is exactly what will happen, alas. I guess it’s slightly better than “a sharp knock on the head cures all brainwashing.”
[15:31] Yeah… I mean, the four generals counterparting the scouts COULD HAVE been a reasonably interesting idea, but then it led to them nearly getting killed over it
[15:32] (I mean, even if it had been played well, there would still have been loads of better ways to go about finding them boyfriends, but still)
[15:33] Due to the overall pace, brainwashed Mamoru was hanging around for quite a few episodes in the older show. The way it played was pretty funny but I’l refrain from describing it for now.
01[15:33] I’m annoyed because it goes against my Usagi/Everything With a Pulse ship.
[15:33] Yeah… I wanted a lesbian orgy, for many reasons a couple of which were actually wholesome
[15:33] Even the cats, Froborr?
[15:33] That ship’s supported much more in the original anime.
[15:34] Yeah, by this point three of the four generals were dead and Zoicite had been in love in Kunzite (the dub made Zoicite a girl, which was not much of a stretch because he had been played as a hyper femme stereotype)
[15:35] Oh, the dub. “Darien? Who is that? I am Prince Darien!”
01[15:35] …
01[15:35] I can’t decide if that line is terrible or brilliant. Likely both.
[15:35] IIRC, Zoisite and Kunzite were also a couple in the Japanese version… it was one of the original Yaoi things
[15:35] Or the Legend of Brad
[15:36] The Legend of Brad: Princess Twilight
[15:37] Oh, THAT Brad
[15:37] I was wondering who you meant
01[15:37] ???
[15:37] It’ll be far too long until we can really talk about Brad in Froborr’s presence
01[15:38] So confused.
[15:38] “Brad” was the nickname the fans gave Flash Sentry before we knew his name
01[15:38] Oh.
[15:38] It concerns characters introduced in the third season of the old show
[15:38] Sylocat we are talking about a different Brad than that
[15:38] Oh… sorry
[15:39] I actually don’t know about Flash Sentry
[15:39] When you said “Princess Twilight,” I thought… yeah
[15:39] No, that’s the one I had in mind.
[15:39] Forgot about any Brads in a Sailor Moon context.
[15:39] The idea of Brad only occurs in the english dub
[15:39] That’s all I can say
[15:40] Oh. OH! Right. That. Yeah, can’t say anything more there.
01[15:40] o…k…
[15:40] That was confusing
[15:41] Yeah, that was mostly because of my free association. Sorry about that.

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  1. “[15:21] <@Sylocat> I wrote a bad fanfic fifteen years ago with a villain name like that
    [15:21] Ah, they have been hinting at this a while. They never covered it in the older anime
    [15:21] <@Sylocat> Wait, these four were good guys in their last lives?
    01[15:21] Oho, plot twist, the generals served Tuxedo Fedora.
    [15:21] <@Sylocat> Huh. The old anime didn't have that
    [15:21] It's one of the most frequently mentioned changes
    01[15:22] Odd choice storywise, having them remember only to immediately be mind-controlled.”

    It was worse in the manga; three of the generals were dead when the last one found out he was on the wrong side.

    The anime only alluded to this plot point, as it was running alongside the manga (and the anime was weekly while the manga was monthly).

    As I think I've said before, Takeuchi was making it up as she went along.

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