Kill la Kill Episode 20 Liveblog Chat Thingy

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Chatlog below the cut!

[14:00] Ah yes, when we left off, Ryuko had entered her latest identity crisis
[14:00] Opening ads were pre-watched?
[14:00] Way status: Lost
[14:00] …Good answer, come to think of it
[14:00] Oh great
01[14:01] “Oh, Ryuko, don’t say that! ANYTHING can be killed, including you.”
[14:01] I love the visuals in the second opening
01[14:02] I’m not a huge fan of the show’s art style, tbh, but the opening does some interesting stuff with it.
01[14:02] I assume we all have an ad at the end of the credits?
[14:02] Ad.
01[14:02] (Of course, mine’ll probably be 5 ads or something)
01[14:02] Ad.
[14:03] Wait… is this a replica of both of them, or a remote-control interface?
01[14:03] Don’t forget to annoucne when your ad starts and ends, they may be different lengths!
[14:03] I’m done.
01[14:03] Sylo: Did you not pause for ads?
01[14:03] Mine is still going.
[14:03] Sorry, missed it… pausing now
01[14:03] Back.
[14:03] There
[14:04] Ragyo is gonna go down hard
[14:04] Is that a rhetorical question?
01[14:05] I’m guessing it’s some kind of remote interface, and they’ve both been absorbed into the Clothing Collective or whatever it’s called.
[14:05] And Gamagoori gets out-embiggened.
[14:05] “Mon amie?” seriously?
01[14:05] Yeah, I *just* hit “Mon amie*
[14:05] Those two are all about the gratuitous French.
[14:06] (I’m at 5:15)
01[14:06] Um, that is LITERALLY the opposite of the truth, Ryuko.
01[14:06] You were born human and infused with Life Fiber, remember?
[14:07] Well, she was a few hours old at the time.
[14:07] Her father would have had to arrange for her death to be faked in advance of the experiment in order to pull it off
[14:08] Yeah, Ragyo’s full of crap. But it’s crap that Ryuko fears is the case.
[14:08] So, are they going to all go rescue Satsuki while Ryuko’s making her quasi-suicidal charge against Ragyo?
01[14:09] Point. I’ve definitely seen that be dangerously effective on people IRL.
[14:09] Ahaha… that was a cute moment
01[14:09] So far this episode Mako is actually not completely horrible and slightly likeable, I will admit.
[14:09] Yep… they’re all gonna rescue Satsuki
01[14:09] I’m sure she’ll fuck it up soon enough.
[14:10] Ad.
[14:10] Gah
[14:10] So, is that toenail thing signalling?
[14:10] (I’m paused at 9:18, where’s everyone else?)
01[14:10] 9:08.
[14:10] 9:04
[14:11] My timer is counting down
[14:11] Back.
[14:11] Yep, it’s a signal
[14:11] Arrlaari, try clicking the timer.
01[14:11] I think she’s sharpening her toenails.
01[14:11] Ha, I was right.
[14:12] Hey, it’s that guy again
[14:12] (My timer didn’t change when I clicked it)
[14:12] The heck…
01[14:12] Their base is a mech.
01[14:12] OF COURSE their base is a mech.
[14:12] Why wouldn’t their base be a mech?
[14:13] Wow, all the one-off minibosses are coming back to help too!
01[14:13] OMG it’s the Dai-Gurren.
[14:13] The ship doesn’t look as phallic as I’d thought it would
[14:13] Sadly without flippers and an oar.
[14:13] I’m definitely a bit ahead of you guys
[14:14] “The best selective hearing.” “Mental earplugs.”
[14:14] my timer is 11:52, counting down
01[14:14] Ad.
01[14:14] I’m at the guy on shore saluting and turning all paint-ish.
[14:14] What was the last thing before your ad, Froborr?
[14:14] I’m paused at 12:19 remaining
[14:15] I’m paused at 12:18 out of 24:27
[14:15] And thank you for an excuse to pause on that fantastic frame.
[14:15] Yeah, that guy looks awesome
01[14:15] Back.
[14:15] Oh, hey, I have an ad in like, two seconds.
[14:16] Sorry.
01[14:16] NP.
[14:16] Oops
01[14:16] What’s the last thing before your ad?
[14:16] Just after the salute.
01[14:16] OK.
[14:16] The time counts up when moused over the timeline
[14:17] Back.
[14:17] I think we’re relatively resynced now
[14:17] Now that’s an entrance
[14:18] They remind me of Nuku Nuku and Eimi Yoshikawa
01[14:18] OK, that was pretty badass of Ragyo.
[14:18] In that one skirmish, at least
01[14:19] WOW Sylo, that is a show I haven’t thought of in YEARS.
[14:19] That was my very first anime
[14:19] Remind me to comment about that later
[14:19] Ah, Satsuki makes her own jailbreak
01[14:19] Oh, false toenails, that’s a little more reasonable than slicing steel with chitin.
[14:20] Shades of Metal Gear Solid 2
[14:20] Nui is evil
01[14:20] Fuck.
[14:20] Whoa
[14:20] I was not expecting that to work
[14:20] Aaaaaand it didn’t
[14:21] Eww
01[14:21] Ah, so Nui is the one who actually WAS clothing from the start.
[14:21] Ahahah
[14:21] “My growing list of siblings”
[14:22] Yeesh
[14:22] Is Satsuki going to wear Junketsu now?
01[14:22] That’s what I’m guessing.
[14:22] That will be awesome
[14:22] “You’ll catch cold.” Awesome
[14:23] Is this a reference to the Star Child in 2001?
01[14:24] Rewriting her memory with a lifetime as Ragyo’s daughter?
[14:24] And, because rape of the body wasn’t enough…
[14:25] This is Ragyo’s sickest trick yet
[14:25] And that’s saying something
01[14:25] Of course Mako will talk her down next episode.
01[14:26] Possibly after a fight in which Satsuki wears Senketsu.
[14:26] Yep… Satsuki’s gonna wear Senketsu
01[14:26] Already is, I suspect.
[14:26] Note that this is what Satsuki was fighting to prevent every time she wore Junketsu.
[14:26] Eeyup
01[14:26] Yep.
[14:27] Awesome
[14:27] Notable: This version of Junketsu is covering a lot more than before
[14:27] Well, not as much more than I rememberred
[14:27] Even though Satsuki is taller (I think)
01[14:27] Ad.
[14:27] Heck of a lot more than normal, Arrlaari.
[14:27] We’re at the credits.
01[14:28] Well that makes sense–Satsuki is taller, therefore the same amount of cloth leaves more blank space.
01[14:28] Is there anything after credits on this one?
[14:28] Well, there are individual leg-dresses that weren’t present before
01[14:28] True.
[14:28] I forget
01[14:28] More cloth for more control over the wearer?
[14:29] Well, that was… interesting
[14:29] It’s just a preview after the credits
[14:29] The boss battle against the now-evil protagonist, another RPG staple.
01[14:29] Yep.
[14:30] I must have played a very different set of RPGs than you two
[14:30] Of course… though I don’t recall many RPGs using brainwashing of quite this sort
01[14:30] Lunar?
[14:30] Nope
01[14:30] Though of course, like most JRPG story elements from the 90s on, it’s rooted in manga cliches.
[14:30] Of course
01[14:31] You mean specifically the rewriting of memories?
[14:31] Yeah, I remember that a lot more from manga/anime than from Super Mario RPG and Chrono Trigger
[14:31] Ah yes, SMRPG
[14:31] Yeah, Mario isn’t exactly one to get seduced by the Dark Side.
[14:31] Though Luigi was, in Super Paper Mario
[14:32] (Dimentio was one of the more disturbing villains in a major Nintendo franchise)
01[14:32] Well, those are both before the switchover. Up through the SNES, most JRPGs relied mostly on Western sources for their stories. With the introduction of optical media and cutscenes, they began hiring more anime people and drawing more on anime character and story cliches.
[14:33] Well, yeah, but Luigi can cause time-space distortions through sheer resentment.
01[14:33] I really need to play more Super Paper Mario.
[14:33] I like the Dream Team take a bit better
[14:33] Bowser’s Inside Story was great btw
[14:33] Super Paper Mario was a great, if extremely bizarre, game
01[14:33] Which Dream Team are you referring to, the Chronotrigger team?
[14:33] Mainly because it lets you spend a lot of time with Bowser
[14:34] Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
[14:34] 3DS mario rpg
[14:34] I was referring to that game’s take on Luigi
01[14:34] Ah.
[14:34] I’ve never played the Mario & Luigi games, come to think of it… I’ve been meaning to
01[14:34] I’ve never played any of them either…
[14:34] They’re fun, though I haven’t played Dream Team.
01[14:35] But I have played all the Mario RPG games, though Mario RPG and Paper Mario are the only ones I’ve played to completion.
[14:35] I’ve played the Paper Mario series (well, the first three, anyway)
[14:35] I’ve only played Inside Story and Dream Team. I liked Inside Story better.
[14:35] Ah, Legend of the Seven Stars… I remember for some reason, Shy Away was my favorite thing in that game.
01[14:35] Mine was Culex. Spot on parody of the FF games.
[14:36] And all the little touches, like Grate Guy’s Casino
[14:36] Ah, of course, Culex
[14:36] Which one was Culex?
01[14:36] The optional boss. Culex, Dark Knight of Vanda.
[14:36] The optional superboss with the crystals and the FFIV boss battle music
[14:37] The strategy guide told you to save up all your Rock Candy so you could spam him with it
[14:37] Oh yeah, the one who just happens to be living in an apartment in the monster town
[14:37] As you do.
[14:38] I mostly liked the Smithy goons
[14:38] Axem Rangers, Bowyer, the guy who impersonates an entire city, et. al.
[14:38] Let’s see, the Seaside Town dude was a spear iirc?
[14:39] Yaridovich
[14:39] Oh, and Booster!
[14:39] (what does that name mean, anyway?)
[14:39] It’s probably a kind of spear
[14:39] Booster wasn’t a Smithy goon, though, he was just a very unstable rich guy
[14:39] All of the Smithy minions are weapons. Dagger, Bow, Spear, Axes, Sword
[14:40] The non-Smithy bosses were a colorful sort… Jonathan Jones was my fave, though extremely annoying

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  1. We totally forgot to remind Sylocat to comment about that later.

    The effects of the false memory sequence aren't entirely clear. The straightforward assumption is that her real memories are being replaced, but she doesn't fail to recognize anyone. Furthermore, her speech and mannerisms don't change very much, which one would expect given that the false memory appears to be a conventionally ideal feminine life, ending with marriage at an early age.

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