Sailor Moon Crystal Liveblog: Episode 8

01[15:00] Oh right, Sailor Bwee.
[15:01] Mercury has uwee
01[15:01] BWA
[15:01] What.
01[15:01] That voice coming out of a little cat is HILARIOUS
[15:01] Agreed.
[15:01] Yeah
01[15:02] I know they won’t, but it’d be pretty cool if it turned out our main character *wasn’t* the destined princess, but was instead just one of her elite guard.
01[15:04] Moon’s tiara is all “No way, I can TOTALLY out-crescent her!”
[15:04] Sailor Moon’s tiara evolved again. Must be a Bug-type.
01[15:05] And once again Usagi is all, “So hot, must add her to my harem.”
[15:05] And V’s been spying on them through the arcade machine. That’s not creepy.
[15:05] “Oh, I wasn’t hallucinating”
[15:06] “I really was being lectured by my hero through a video game at my favorite arcade”
[15:06] “that is a relief”
01[15:06] It’s a good thing that Usagi wasn’t playing that Starfighter game next to Sailor V, she would’ve gotten recruited into COMPLETELY the wrong adventure.
[15:07] Lol
[15:07] Ad.
01[15:07] Ad.
[15:07] ad
01[15:07] lol
[15:07] It’s as if we are all using the same website
[15:07] 10 seconds remain
[15:07] For this ad.
01[15:07] I just started a second 30 second ad.
[15:07] Repeat of same ad
[15:07] Mine is also 30s
[15:07] It’s as if we are all using the same website.
01[15:08] back
[15:08] Likewise.
01[15:08] Arr?
[15:08] yes
[15:08] same as you all
[15:08] I didn’t pause when it ended, did you all hold up?
01[15:09] Yes.
[15:09] whoops
01[15:09] Ah, this is the Explain the Plot Episode.
[15:09] I’m now paused at 7:59
[15:09] With Sailor Exposition
01[15:09] I’m at 7:49.
[15:09] 8:02
01[15:09] Hitting 7:59… now.
01[15:10] So, if she destroyed the moon kingdom and killed evryone… who sealed her?
[15:10] Some of them died after sealing her.
01[15:10] Fair enough.
[15:11] I like to think she’s named Metallia because of the vicious metallic dust that covers the moon now
[15:11] “Regolith” doesn’t have quite the same ring for eldritch abominations, does it?
01[15:11] Wait, why is “Artemis” a male cat?
[15:11] Actually it totally does
[15:12] Artemis & Luna
[15:12] @Froborr: The fandom has made that joke many times.
01[15:12] Endymion, eh?
01[15:13] The mythical shepherd and astronomer that was the mortal lover of the moon goddess Selene. Slightly more obscure than I gave this show credit for.
[15:13] I can’t help but note that no one’s called her “Minako” yet. It’s always “Princess” or “V-chan.” That’s kind of sad.
01[15:14] She’s kind of encouraged that, though? She’s defintiely playing the sempai role to the hilt.
[15:14] True.
01[15:14] Not to mention, the way she’s worried about them regaining their memories suggests she KNOWS she isn’t the princess.
[15:14] It’s notable to me that you connect the sempai role to the princess role
01[15:15] Well, they’re both social superiors, one by birth and one by experience.
[15:15] Ad.
01[15:15] Ad/
01[15:15] Also: “we”
[15:15] Ad
01[15:16] Are ALL cats part of a vast ancient lunar conspiracy?
[15:16] I wouldn’t be surprised.
[15:16] Two rounds of the 30s ad here
01[15:16] How Lovecraftian of them.
[15:16] same as you guys, right? So there’s no need for anyone to pause at the end, right?
[15:16] Back.
[15:16] I guess not
[15:16] what
[15:16] a THIRD run
01[15:16] And I had a 10 second ad followed by 30 and now another 30.
[15:17] I got 3×30 that is merciless
01[15:17] back
[15:17] done
[15:17] Lovecraft vs. Lovecraft. Metallia vs. cats. Who will win?
01[15:17] Cats.
[15:18] Obviously. They have much better PR.
01[15:18] Also thus far Metallia doesn’t appear particularly Lovecraftian, tbh.
01[15:18] She’s not particularly eldritch.
[15:18] Point. More generic “shadow demon”
01[15:19] Um, yes, DUH it’s a trap!
[15:19] Wow. So much for that secret identity.
01[15:20] Wow, so, why didn’t they just have Kunzite show up from the start and kill everyone?
01[15:20] He seems kind of OP relative to the other generals.
[15:20] Killing the humans means they can’t be exploited for energy
01[15:20] True.
[15:21] You don’t kill sheep to shear them.
[15:21] This move looks like it works like Power Word: Kill in that it’s wholly ineffective against strong targets
[15:21] Huh. No power-up incantation for Venus.
01[15:21] And the same song as Mercury and Moon–no unique transformation music like Mars and Jupiter.
[15:22] Jupiter can fly, apparently.
01[15:22] BTW Jupiter can fly.
01[15:23] “precious friends,” is that what the kids are calling it these days.
[15:24] This is why you don’t try to heal shields, Usagi.
[15:24] Ad.
01[15:24] Ad.
[15:24] ad
[15:24] It worked great against the other guy – was that zoicite?
[15:24] The one who had to get rescued by Beryl
[15:24] True. And yes.
[15:25] Back.
01[15:25] Still mid-ad.
[15:25] Artemis’ Serious Cat voice is a pretty good surprise
01[15:25] THIRD ad.
[15:25] done
01[15:26] back
[15:26] I just noticed the bunny ears on Usagi’s new tiara. They’re kind of hilarious.
01[15:26] Tuxedo Mask’s all, “Kissing a conscious girl? I don’t know how to handle that!”
[15:27] I liked the “Thanks for the save, now get out here while the adults fight.”
01[15:27] Yeah, it was pretty great.
01[15:27] Sadly, I am virtually certain he survived.
[15:27] And masculinity anxiety claims another life
[15:28] Alas, that would have read much better if I had been just slightly faster
[15:28] Seems like gravity can now be ignored when the plot demands it now.
01[15:28] Indeed.
[15:28] Anime jumping
[15:28] I’m going to say Jupiter is using some kind of maglev with the Earth’s field.
01[15:29] Plus everyone except Tuxedo Bats is a superhero, and he’s Batman.
[15:29] But can he breathe in space?
01[15:29] Only one way to find out!
01[15:29] Actually, given that they had a civilization ON THE MOON, presumably none of them need air.
[15:30] One assumes the moon used to be a lot more pleasant an environment
[15:30] “Oxygen? You mean you’re still using that? How quaint.”
01[15:30] It’d be pretty cool if we eventually found out that the dream-memory-things are actually being translated into human terms by the process of reincarnation, and in their past lives on the moon they were all hideous blob monsters.
[15:31] And Endymion still fell in love with one.
01[15:31] Wait, Endymion was from Earth?
01[15:31] I mean, in the myth, obviously, but in the show as well?
[15:31] FoME just slipped up
01[15:32] Grr.
[15:32] Yeah. I keep forgetting that the twenty-year old spoilers are still spoilers for you.
[15:32] My bad.
[15:32] You mentioned that Endymion was more obscure than you expected to see. It turns out Naoko Takeuchi is way into old Greek & Roman stuff
01[15:32] Huh, interesting.

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