Kill la Lill and Sailor Moon Crystal Liveblog Chat Thingies

Last week’s chatlogs are both finally up, and I’ll be back-posting Fiction Friday shortly. Sorry, spending Thursday in the emergency room and Friday sleeping off the drugs they gave me has rather thrown off my blogging. 

How to participate in the liveblog chat:

Option 1: Whenever you watch the episodes, comment on this post as you watch with whatever responses you feel like posting!

Option 2: Go to Enter a nickname, then for the Channels field enter ##rabbitcube, and finally fill in the Captcha and hit Connect! We’ll be watching Kill la Killand commenting there starting at 2:00 p.m. EST today. Then we’ll take a short break, and at 3:00 pm EST we’ll watch Sailor Moon Crystal.

Kill la Kill chatlog below the cut!

[14:00] Invasion of the Leisure Suits
01[14:01] Leisure suit mecha zombies.
01[14:01] From space, no less.
01[14:03] That is an exceedingly silly episode title.
[14:03] They’re all based on song titles. Most of them don’t happen to be familiar ones.
01[14:03] Hm.
[14:04] Ad.
01[14:04] Unexpected timeskip!
[14:05] I’m back.
01[14:05] As I was saying: unexpected timeskip!
[14:05] A month later, and the tomatoes are still fresh.
01[14:06] I see everyone’s joined Nudist Beach.
01[14:07] Or not I guess.
[14:09] Ad.
01[14:09] Man, they’ve been getting their butts kicked.
01[14:09] Wonder what the rest of the world’s been up to/thinks of all this?
[14:10] I’m back.
01[14:11] I guess that works as an explanation.
[14:12] Mind-control alien fabric. Because why not.
01[14:12] Soroi continues to be the best.
[14:13] Even in the middle of the apocalypse, there will be tea.
01[14:14] I am pretty sure letting the patient sleep when they feel like it isn’t applicable when they’ve been in a coma for a MONTH.
[14:14] Hm
[14:14] Not exactly the top medical professionals in the world here.
[14:14] A back-alley doctor probably doesn’t deal with a lot of comas
01[14:14] Point.
[14:16] Ad.
01[14:16] Ragyo, you are GROSS. STAHP.
[14:16] Yeah, yeah she is.
[14:17] Ad?
[14:17] I’m back.
01[14:18] Okay, that’s pretty hardcore silly.
[14:19] Nothing says commitment to a disguise like disfiguring yourself.
01[14:23] You are totally flirting Gamagoori.
[14:24] It’s kind of adorable.
01[14:24] They totally woke Ryuko up on purpose. She’s obviously necessary for the final stage.
[14:25] You have to like how Nonon assumes anything musical has to do with her.
[14:25] Gamagoori clearly feels inadequate
[14:25] Well, we can’t all be the protagonist.
01[14:26] Well, nice to see Ryuko’s taken advantage of her coma in true shonen fashion to meditate and become much more stable and at peace with herself.
01[14:27] And of course Satsuki is Planning Something.
01[14:27] Anyway, yeah, that was all right.
[14:27] Ah, you did wait through the credits
01[14:28] Yeah, someone told me to do so for this episode, but not why.
01[14:29] Anyway, final thoughts?
[14:29] This is, rather obviously, the transition episode. It’s literally the beginning of the end.
[14:30] We’re getting close to my being able to share some Thoughts about Satsuki’s role in the overall plot
01[14:31] Yeah. It’s structurally similar to NGE Episode 19, actually.
[14:32] See you guys in half an hour.
[14:32] I’ll start out by noting that in some ways, she resembles the Spiral King, but it’s a loose match.
[14:32] Not this week, IIRC?
01[14:32] No, there is SMC this week.
01[14:32] Then two weeks without one.
[14:32] Oh right, I forgot, we were off a step from the convention
01[14:32] Yep.
01[14:33] And yes, I see the parallels between Satsuki and the Spiral King.
01[14:33] Makes sense, given the similarities between Ryuko and Simon.
[14:33] Hm? Other than visual, they seem to be quite different?
01[14:34] They’re both hotblooded anti-authoritarian outsiders with unique superpowers that parallel the villains’ own.
01[14:35] Their stories are quite different, but drop either of them into the other’s show and they behave pretty much exactly the same.
[14:36] Dropping Simon into KlK means removing Kamina from his life. It’s hard to say how he’d turn out if you did that.
01[14:36] Admittedly, some of that is blurred by the fact that Ruko starts at the midpoint of Simon’s character arc.
[14:36] Would exposure to Mako turn him into a goofball?
01[14:37] Exactly–I’m sort of cheating, and assuming a Simon circa episode 12 or so and comparing to Ryuko episode 1.
01[14:38] But given that there is character development in Gurren Lagann, while the Kill la Kill characters are entirely static, I don’t think that’s necessarily unfair.

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