So, Windows 10 I guess

I have realized something: I feel exactly the same way about OSes that I do about clothes, furniture, and phones: I want to get something that works, that will last a long time, and that I can use until it wears out, at which point I want to replace it with something exactly the same. And above all, most importantly, I want to never, ever, ever have to think about it at all, ever.

This is why I hate Windows 8 so passionately: because I got used to something, and then they changed it, and I therefore have to waste time thinking about it, when I could be spending that time thinking about something important or interesting.

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  1. I got Windows 8 after spending probably nearly a decade with XP. While I do enjoy that Classic Shell exists, I had basically no issues adapting.

  2. So here's my Windows story.

    When I was very young, they came out with Windows 95. And I hated it…especially the Start Menu. I just could not understand why they replaced “click the folders on the screen” for it.

    Fast forward to the release of Windows 8. And my first thought on hearing about it was “they're getting rid of the Start Menu? Why would they do that?”

    When I got a Windows 8 computer I immediately downloaded Classic Shell. I am keenly aware of the irony of all this.

  3. Makes sense to me. All user interfaces are terrible, but it's easier to ignore the terribleness of a familiar one. So you get used to it, and stop noticing how awful it is, until you're forced to change, and then it's freshly terrible. Which is why I'm not bothering with classic shell–from what I hear, it isn't quite identical to the 2000/XP/7 experience, so its terribleness will be just as noticeable as 8's.

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