Sailor Moon Episode 6 Liveblog Chatlog

[15:01] Last time on Sailor Moon: we got a new toy. Usagi Get Equipped with: Moon Wand
01[15:01] lol
01[15:02] Credits over, ad.
[15:02] Indeed
[15:02] I’m getting the short crunchyroll devices ad
[15:02] 2×12 seconds, and it’s done
[15:02] Yours?
01[15:02] Not me.
01[15:03] back
[15:03] I guess Crunchyroll divides the US into regions for ad sales
01[15:03] Oh no, please don’t be a Tuxedo Fedora focus ep.
01[15:03] WTF “Who are you?”
01[15:03] Didn’t he show up at her HOUSE last episode?
[15:04] He doesn’t know who the figure in that dream we just saw is
01[15:04] “Who are you, girl I’m stocking and making out with when she’s unconscious?”
01[15:04] Oh.
01[15:05] Okay, he totally posed for that picture.
01[15:05] That’s not a news photo, that’s his headshot he uses to apply for roles in local TV productions.
01[15:06] Are they watching TV on a crystal ball?
01[15:06] Like, they’re using the ball to remote-view a TV that’s showing the news?
01[15:06] That’s AMAZING.
01[15:08] That’s pretty legit power for a magical girl show.
[15:08] I like how the planet whose destruction gets imagined is Jupiter. That’s what you get for asking questions!
01[15:08] LOL, point.
01[15:08] I’m always amused by these super-advanced alien civilizations that have nothing between “slightly worse than most handguns” and “planet-killer.”
01[15:09] Silly Scouts, don’t you know ALL cats are from the moon?
[15:09] Ad soon
01[15:09] Likewise.
01[15:09] Ad.
[15:10] Same as before?
01[15:10] No, now it’s for a new Batman show.
01[15:11] back
[15:11] I gotta say, seeing that same crunchy ad twice every break gets old
01[15:11] Yeah, I hate that.
01[15:11] How does everyone suddenly know what the Legendary Silver Crystal is?
01[15:11] …oh, mind control, that’s how.
[15:11] Tuxedo Mask told them
01[15:12] Oh, so that’s where that room is.
[15:13] I tell you what, they didn’t have this swanky secret base in the old cartoon
[15:13] Hm, “taskete” translated as “save” is a poor choice here
01[15:14] Yeah, “help” would have been a lot less obnoxious.
[15:14] It’s often used in that sense but in this case it’s clearly used for “help” which is being very generous
01[15:15] Aw, Mars and Jupiter’s transformation have been de-badassified.
01[15:15] Wait, why is Usagi losing energy?
[15:16] I dunno any more than you tbh
01[15:17] Damn skippy you don’t have special abilities, you non-teleporting loser.
[15:18] I dunno what Usagi is talking about she is not at all in the same no-powers boat as Mamoru
01[15:18] Yeah, she has the Tiara of Death and the awful crying thingy.
01[15:19] I was not expecting a confrontation with Queen Beryl this early!
01[15:21] Is this the first time seeing her full sequence since ep 1?
[15:21] I think they’ve made time for it at least once since then
[15:21] Not sure
01[15:23] That’s an interesting effect for a move with “Healing” in the name.
01[15:23] Okay, this latter part is more like it.
01[15:24] Oh hey, she figured it out a lot earlier than I expected.
01[15:24] So that’s good!
01[15:25] Ad but I think we no longer care.
01[15:25] So, thoughts?
[15:25] Zoicite identified himself as Beryl’s European commander
01[15:25] Yeah, that was kind of interesting.
[15:25] That’s something I heard about being a thing in the Manga, it didn’t come up in the old show
01[15:26] Ah.
01[15:26] I feel like last week’s episode was a LOT better.
01[15:26] But this was all right.
[15:26] So it wasn’t fully on screen, but Mamoru totally kissed Usagi after she fainted.
01[15:26] Are you serious?
01[15:26] I missed that.
01[15:27] So now it’s officially a thing, he’s a necrophiliac.
01[15:27] (IIRC, despite the name, it includes fetishizing unconscious people.)
[15:27] 21:15
[15:27] As he moves in for the kiss, his watch falls off
01[15:27] Already closed the window, I’ll take your word for it.
01[15:28] Dude is SERIOUSLY GROSS
01[15:28] Okay.
01[15:28] Well, I’m going to watch the last episode of Saikano.
[15:28] Other than presuming consent because Memories of their Past Lives & Destiny etc., he’s mostly about telling Usagi that She’s Awesome and She  Can Do It
01[15:29] Yeah, but the presumed consent thing is kind of spectacularly awful.
[15:29] It’s worth remembering that Usagi is more or less admitted to be the author’s self insert, and Mamoru is her personal fantasy boyfriend
01[15:30] That doesn’t make it less creepy IMO?
[15:30] It says something unfortunate about the way romantic tropes in fiction shape everyone’s expectations
01[15:30] Yeah, it really does.
01[15:31] Tuxedo Fedora is like living concentrate of Everything Fucked Up About Fairy Tale Romance.

0 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Episode 6 Liveblog Chatlog

  1. Was it just me, or did the animation seem really static on this one? Other than the one fight scene with Zoicite, there seemed to be very little motion.

    And yeah, great move, Mamoru. “I'll just tell everyone about the MacGuffin! Surely no ill can come of this.”

  2. “[15:13] I tell you what, they didn't have this swanky secret base in the old cartoon”

    In the old cartoon Luna did have a computer in the arcade. However, the characters would just meet at Rei's shrine.

    “01[15:15] Wait, why is Usagi losing energy?”
    It's all the evil energy-sucking magic. It was more pronounced in the manga where the untransformed Sailors were reacting to it.

    “01[15:19] I was not expecting a confrontation with Queen Beryl this early!”
    No-one was; this is a change from the manga.


    “[15:25] Zoicite identified himself as Beryl's European commander
    01[15:25] Yeah, that was kind of interesting.
    [15:25] That's something I heard about being a thing in the Manga, it didn't come up in the old show”
    In the manga each of Beryl's generals were in charge of a different territory – Jadeite was the commander for Japan, for example. When each general was defeated, another general would be assigned their territory and go after the Sailors.

    So there's something a bit odd going here. The anime is very close to the manga, but there are changes such as the generals not dying or Beryl confronting the Sailors early. The adaption hasn't been “derailed” yet…but they certainly could derail it.

    Would it be a spoiler if I said how many chapters the first arc of Sailor Moon had?

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