Some facts about my upcoming Apocalypse panel

Finished my Apocalypse panel last night, and I am inordinately pleased with it. So either I’ll flub it horribly or no one will show up.

But until the inevitable catastrophe (heh) kicks in, here’s some facts about it:

  • Running length: ~48 minutes on my test run, which is ideal for a 1-hour slot.
  • Number of video clips: 2 (low for me, but I have a LOT of talking to do)
  • Number of slides: 16, included title slide and bibliography
  • Genres of pre-anime works discussed: heroic epic, philosophical dialogue, sacred legend, sacred prophecy, alien invasion, bildungsroman
  • Genres of anime discussed: cyberpunk, super robot psychodrama, surrealist fairy tale, teen romance, magical girl
  • Uses of the word qlippothic: 0, alas
  • Bibliography entries that, at first glance, make no sense: 1

Also I just bought a refurbished video camera, assuming it arrives in time and works I will be able to record my panels.

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