Upcoming Convention Appearance: Anime USA

I’ll be giving several panels at Anime USA (October 3-5 in Washington, DC):

  • Analyzing Anime 101: Probably my most popular panel, definitely the one I’ve given most. Basically a compressed overview of basic analytic techniques with examples from anime.
  • Postmodern Anime: Brief discussion of postmodern techniques and concepts, then a bunch of anime examples.
  • BESM: Introduction to the anime tabletop RPG–where to find it, basics of play, recommendations of approaches, and then having the audience collectively build a character.
  • Break the World’s Shell: Anime Apocalypses as Social and Personal Revolution: Title basically says it all. Briefly tracing the apocalyptic genre from its origins in the ancient Near East (Utnapishtim, Atlantis, Revelation), through Hesse and 50’s science fiction, and then plunging into specific anime for the majority of the panel (including Akira, Saikano, PMMM, Evangelion of course, Utena, and others). Central thesis is apocalypse as metaphor for massive change on a cultural or personal scale (or both).

Don’t know times/days yet, but all those panels have been confirmed. BESM and the apocalypse panel are both entirely new, Postmodern Anime I’ve done once before and Analyzing Anime 101 I’ve done probably a dozen times.

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  1. Don't have my notes on me, but running off of memory, I think I touched on NGE, Utena, Princess Tutu, Haruhi, Excel Saga, Bakemonogatari… Something else I'm blanking on?

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