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01[14:05] Digging this music for Mr. Motorcycle.
[14:05] This is actually meant to be Senketsu’s theme.
01[14:05] Shortened opening?
01[14:05] Huh.
[14:05] You can tell a lot about an anime character by what it takes to make them say “This is horrible…”
[14:05] Ooh
01[14:06] “What’s mistaken is your brain?”
01[14:06] Wow, that’s a localization fail.
[14:06] I love her trash talk
01[14:06] I normally do, but “what’s mistaken is your brain” is just terrible.
[14:07] Capitalism, folks
[14:07] Satsuki took the Dazzling Display feat.
[14:07] Wow
01[14:08] Oh man, I played a… what were they called? Bladesingers? Swordsingers? Anyway, I played one back in 2E.
[14:08] And now, a giant enemy crab.
[14:08] Capitalist used self-destruct!
[14:08] Oh wait..
[14:08] Ooh, nice mecha there
01[14:08] I imagine she’ll be hitting its weak point for massive damage at some point.
[14:08] AHAHAHAH
01[14:08] It IS a nice mecha, though.
[14:08] “When you’re weak, say something strong very forcefully!”
01[14:09] Isn’t “golden crab” a saying or something?
[14:09] “Americamura?”
[14:10] Did he seriously say “Nobody could’ve survived that?”
[14:10] Ah, Collar McDatapants to the rescue
[14:10] An airdroped closet. I love those.
01[14:10] This is such blatant fascist propaganda. Typical repurposing of socialist depictions of the evil excesses of capitalism, but with the Mighty Hero or Great Leader as the key to defeating it rather than the collective action of the people.
[14:11] The last piece of Ryuko’s outfit is in Monkey’s new uniform?
[14:11] Nope. Satsuki’s wearing it.
01[14:11] Interesting, he’s doing the most basic kendo practice form over and over.
[14:11] Specifically, the glove with the transform pin on it
[14:12] Ah, but the Mighty Hero and Great Leader are villains too, remember
[14:12] Ouch
01[14:12] True… ish.
[14:12] Striking the weak point for massive damage. As predicted.
01[14:13] It’ll depend rather heavily on whether they end up joining Ryuko to fight EvilCorp or she joins them.
[14:13] The symbolism is horrific, as is probably intentional
[14:14] Are they shipping Mako and Gamagoori?
01[14:14] I think they might be?
[14:15] If so, that would be awesome
[14:15] Man, his Pokédex has a retro interface
[14:16] Every screen on the show is low-res monchrome. For some reason.
01[14:16] Ah, are we finally going to get fully introduced to Nudist Beach?
[14:16] I half expected him to enter by shouting, “Will you two get a room already!”
[14:17] “Lazy” teacher? He thinks his flaw as a teacher was laziness
01[14:17] I think the idea is that our displays have lower fidelity than our reality, so since their reality exists within our displays, their displays are lower fidelity than that.
01[14:17] Are we finally getting the Villain Team Combining Mecha?
01[14:18] No, just all fighting at once.
[14:18] Wait, they actually SAY that “Nudist Beach” is a silly name?
[14:18] Alas. That would’ve been awesome.
[14:18] Ooh, I like their new mecha designs
01[14:18] Okay, that line of Mako’s was actually a little cute.
[14:18] Ahahah
01[14:18] She’s still annoying though.
[14:19] Ah, this is the “use my life energy” gambit
01[14:19] Theme music power up activated!
[14:19] Friendship is magic clothing.
01[14:19] lol FoME
[14:19] Ahaha… Senketsu looks cute hopping after her like that
[14:20] My god… Gamagoori actually does care about Mao
[14:20] Mako
01[14:20] The music in this episode is really good.
01[14:21] Was this the same composer as Gurren Lagann?
[14:21] Those teeth
01[14:21] I’m really liking this track, it’s like Gurren Lagann Does Metroid Prime.
[14:21] Ryuko as Samus Aran. There’s a thought.
[14:21] Ooh, the Master Sword got knocked away
01[14:21] Huh, Satsuki can’t fly.
[14:22] Hopefully she has the Biggoron sword handy until she gets it back
[14:22] Nonon to the rescue?
[14:22] No Biggoron Sword, but she can make Wolverine claws.
01[14:22] Oh, Satsuki gets Bionic Commando powers instead of flight, that works.
01[14:23] “Even if it’s you.” Yeah, time to call FedEx methinks.
[14:24] D’awww
[14:24] Truly an epic battle of wills that one.
[14:24] WHOA
[14:24] Now that was a neat trick
01[14:25] Oh crap, a drill! Satsuki’s got Spiral Power too!
[14:25] Because that always calms everything right down
[14:25] Kamuis are literally powered by hot blood. Of course she does.
01[14:26] Does Ryuko EVER think before she talks?
01[14:26] Obviously no, but still.
[14:26] Whoa
[14:26] Nonon interrupts!
01[14:27] Damn, well played villain team.
01[14:27] Nonon of course continues to be the best of the Four.
[14:27] I did not see that coming
01[14:28] Ah, we’re past the halfway mark, time for the Reveal I see.
01[14:28] Okay, so, I’m a bit strapped for time again this weekend, so… final thoughts?
[14:29] I do like Collar McDatapants’s upgraded uniform. He’s made of data now.
[14:29] So, how many more eps before Ryuko and Satsuki team up against Nui and Satsuki’s mom? (don’t answer that)
01[14:29] Yes, I think it’s the best of the redesigns.
[14:30] See you all next week, then?
[14:30] Full warning: Not sure whether or not I’ll be able to make it next weekend
01[14:30] Given that next ep is the reveal, and I suspect part of the reveal will be finding out that Satsuki and Ryuko are sisters, I’m guessing the episode after that. (do not answer whether any of this is correct)
[14:30] Well, you’ll see me next weekend
[14:30] I’m in SeaTac visiting relatives for two weeks… I’ve been staying at a bunch of different places
01[14:30] Yep, I’ll be here.
01[14:30] First weekend in October I’ll be at another con, though, so no chat that weekend.
[14:31] So you’re expecting two episodes of Reveal?
01[14:31] No, one episode of Reveal, then they team up the next episode.
01[14:32] I’m expecting the teamup to be an episode after Ryuko learns whatever it is that makes her change her mind about teaming up.

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  1. Q: How is Satsuki Kiryuin, who is leading an army, alone?
    A: As Ryuuko Matoi sees it, that army is a bunch of people who go along with the system for fear of Satsuki's terrible power. Her relationship with her Kamui, like all of her relationships, is defined by dominance (“Life Fiber Override”). Ryuuko, by contrast, has friends and her Kamui is one of them (“Life Fiber Synchronize”).

    There's definitely a Paradise Lost Lucifer / Marvel Movies Loki dynamic where Satsuki Kiryuin, Fashion Fascist, does a lot of genuinely villainous stuff but is so charismatic she is nevertheless readable as apologia for, or propaganda in favor of, what she is.

    Alas, another week without time to continue that discussion 🙁
    Might it be possible to catch a chat with you at some other point in the week?

  2. Good point about the Override vs. Synchronize and dominance vs. friendship.

    And sorry. I'm massively swamped right now with book stuff and AUSA, it's really hard to find time for lengthy chats.

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