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So… thanks to a number of issues, I have pretty much fubarred this week, and I apologize. The fuckupery has reached the point where this is actually Tuesday’s post, even though it is going up Wednesday morning, while Wednesday’s post will go up some time in the evening, and then hopefully that will bring the planets back into alignment and the flow of time will again proceed in a normal, ordinary fashion through Thursday and Friday’s posts.

Also I’ve had to delay the last Fundamentals post and the post about #GamerGate they were building up to, because I’ve been to fatigue to maintain function in the requisite thinky bits.

Oh, and I’ll also finally get the Kill la Kill liveblog up this evening, too. Sorry about that.

So, much of the music in the Xenosaga series is really, really good. I mean, you’ve got Yasunori Mitsuda and Yuki Kajiura, how could it be bad?

The answer is “quite easily,” because some of the music in the Xenosaga series is fucking terrible. (Especially everything in Xenosaga II that wasn’t a cutscene, because somebody other than Kajiura did all the actual gameplay, and they did a terrible job.) Also both the actually good composers occasionally like to dabble in styles they really shouldn’t, like atmospheric droning noises, elevator music, and some weird twinkly variant of techno that I’m sure has a name and equally sure I don’t care, because it’s weird, twinkly, and techno.

However, everything good in the series would make a ridiculously long playlist, so I went a bit narrower than that. Here, then, is the Best Parts Version of the Xenosaga soundtrack, clocking in at 2 hours and 12 minutes.

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