I continue to be on a podcast: Lucifer vol. 2 w/ Uncle Yo

Yep, I’m once again on Uncle Yo’s We Are the Geek, discussing Mike Carey’s Lucifer, volume 2 this time.


In other news, I’m considering trying out a Patreon instead of Kickstarter going forward. The main issue is figuring out rewards. The obvious one, I think, is an e-book subscription–some small donation per month that gets you every e-book I release during your subscription period, which would be 2-3 a year. Some higher number to get print books, I guess?

Other than that, I dunno, I have some ideas on subscriber exclusives I could offer:

  • Early access to posts. Normally I write posts anywhere from a week in advance to mere minutes before it’s due, sometimes after, but for Near Apocalypse the realities of a true psychochronography mean that I’m going to have to be at least a couple of weeks ahead, and I’m going to try for months.
  • Commentaries? I dunno if there’d be any interest in this, but I could record commentary tracks for shows the Patreon backers vote on, or something?
  • Extra essays. This wouldn’t be a reward for individual backers, but rather something I’d do for the backers collectively reaching particular monthly goals, namely that Near Apocalypse would go twice-weekly, or I’d add other features.

Any thoughts? Concerns? Ideas? Backer exclusives people would like to see?

0 thoughts on “I continue to be on a podcast: Lucifer vol. 2 w/ Uncle Yo

  1. Gosh, I haven't read Lucifer in I don't know how long. My dad has avidly collected more or less all of the trades at some point, which is probably just as well.

    Have you read Mike Carey's subsequent on-going Vertigo series, The Unwritten? It's a bit heavy-handed at points with some of the higher-reaching ideas and symbolism taking away from the running important plot points. But in this age of post-meta-fiction textual awareness, it's actually an interesting read…

  2. I haven't read any Mike Carey beyond (as of today) the first four volumes of Lucifer. At the time of recording each podcast, I haven't read past the volume we're discussing (except that we recorded Two and Three the same day, so I had actually read Volume 3 before we did 2.)

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