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Chatlog below the cut!

[14:05] Is everyone using Crunchyroll?
01[14:05] I’m using Netflix.
[14:06] I’m using Hulu. Crunchyroll keeps skipping to the end of the video.
[14:06] Netflix here
01[14:06] Oh yeah, I remember where we left off, they’re all going to conquer the schools of Japan, yeah?
[14:06] Yup. Raid trip.
[14:06] This was good after that tournament arc. While it was saved by al the character development
01[14:06] Wait, is this their equivalent to the School Trip episode!?
[14:07] Yup
01[14:07] And yeah, I think that was one of the least painful tournament arcs I’ve seen.
[14:07] Mosdef
01[14:07] (Indigo League in Pokemon remains the best.)
[14:07] I could cosplay the tracksuit versions. ^^
01[14:08] (Wait, no, I forgot, technically Yakitate Japan is nothing but tournament arcs. Those are all the best.)
[14:08] Because magic bread is awesome.
[14:08] FoME, how did you become indebted to me?
[14:08] I gotta watch that.
[14:08] Jinx.
[14:08] Maybe a future liveblog idea, Fro?
01[14:09] Hmm, I was half expecting the opening credits sequence to change after the arc shift. Maybe next ep, this is the halfway mark of the series isn’t it?
[14:09] Ad.
[14:09] paused
01[14:09] I still think my favorite is either the bread that turns you into Gamera or the bread that teleports you to Middle-Earth and then becomes Sauron.
[14:09] And the next credit sequence is kind of spoilery at this juncture.
[14:09] I need to watch this don’t I?
[14:10] The bread becomes Sauron?
01[14:10] Hmm, possibly Viga. I’m still pondering what to do after we finish Kill la Kill, though it looks like new MLP will be sooner than I expected.
01[14:10] Yes, the bread becomes Sauron.
[14:10] O_O
[14:10] I’m back.
[14:10] I’m tempted to suggest that we watch a Chip Cheezum Metal Gear LP
01[14:10] So, yeah, this school is really, really militant.
[14:11] Mako-chan! <3
01[14:11] I’m still waiting for the part where this becomes a CRITIQUE of militant nationalism like Charles Dunbar claimed, so far it’s looking like an endorsement.
01[14:11] Also, blech, Mako.
[14:11] “It’s my mind that’s boggled!”
01[14:12] Haha, it’s funny because her level of geography knowledge would be normal for an American hihg-schooler.
01[14:12] …Oh, for a second I thought that WAS Ryuko, wearing glasses and dressed as a boy for some reason.
01[14:12] …I am really bad at telling the characters in this show apart, aren’t I?
[14:13] No, there’s definitely a resemblance. It’s the hair.
[14:13] There’s a recipe for the croquettes I left at home.
[14:13] 🙁
01[14:13] The scruffy teacher with the glasses IS one of the two guys with a sniper rifle during the tournament arc, right? Those aren’t two separate characters?
[14:13] Right
[14:13] You are correct.
[14:13] He’s the one who takes his shirt off
[14:14] We interrupt your introspective moment to bring you crazy yelling people.
01[14:14] Lol, okay, the boy opening the window is the first time I’ve laughed out loud watching this show that I can recall.
[14:15] lol
01[14:15] Ah, he’s the Intrepid Reporter standing up to the Fascist Machine State.
01[14:15] Oh for fucks sake.
01[14:15] Shut up Ryuko, get in the Eva.
[14:16] Ad.
[14:16] I can’t wait to see what Trigger does net after this
[14:16] are you guys familar with Inferno Cop
[14:16] ?
01[14:17] I’ve seen like two or three episodes.
[14:17] Not familiar
01[14:17] Pretty absurd, kinda amusing.
[14:17] It makes even less sense than Kill la Kill.
[14:17] Same studio. 2 minute episodes. Crazy !
[14:17] I’m back.
[14:17] This show is big on crowd scenes full of identical dudes
[14:18] Revocs make me think its Reebok but pronounced with an accent.
[14:18] Fun fact: The No-Star students are all unique in design.
01[14:18] I do like how evil-lady’s speeches to her troops are staged like fashion shows.
[14:18] The Ominous German Chanting is also a treat.
[14:18] Is this her first appearance so far?
01[14:19] *facepalm*
[14:19] She’s had a few appearances
01[14:19] COVERS
01[14:19] I only just got that!
01[14:19] Also, is she FONDLING her OWN DAUGHTER?
01[14:19] Ew.
[14:19] I mean out in the open. Not just a voice
[14:19] Dracula logic. No one recognizes the name when it’s reversed.
01[14:19] Yeah, we’ve seen her a couple of times.
[14:19] She got in a helicopter
[14:19] and yeah…THIS IS WHY I DROPPED THIS SERIES AT ONE POINT! ARGH! I really hate her
[14:20] Yeah, Ragyo is kind of… well, there’s a reason one of her fan nicknames is “Mama Bad Touch.”
[14:20] It gets worse too… 🙁
[14:20] Viga, be very strict about no spoilers
01[14:21] Yeah, please no comments about things to come from the people who’ve seen the show before.
[14:22] Ad.
[14:22] Last one.
01[14:23] This is feeling very much like a prep episode so far.
01[14:23] You know, setting up the next arc.
01[14:23] And apparently that ad killed FoME.
[14:23] Back.
01[14:23] WB FoME.
[14:23] Wish I knew why that happens.
01[14:23] Are you back from the ad as well?
[14:24] Yes.
[14:24] The covers/revocs thing is a little bit harder to spot because the terminal ‘s’ doesn’t move
[14:24] I didn’t notice till now.
[14:24] IIRC this episode is the first time they say “covers” so imo it isn’t possible to spot before that
01[14:24] …Why are they filling armored cars with trash cans full of basketballs?
01[14:25] Or… spiked footballs? Da fuq?
01[14:25] Oh ffs.
[14:25] Athletics clubs. What did you expect them to use?
01[14:26] Okay, I’m declaring a new principle, I shall call it the Law of Korra: Programmatic characters angsting is really obnoxious and boring.
[14:26] Programmatic characters?
[14:27] Characters in TV programs. I think.
01[14:27] Characters that exist solely to fulfill plot functions, as opposed to having their behavior emerge organically from interactions between motivations. It’s related closely to being a flat character, but a flat character isn’t necessarily programmatic.
01[14:27] And a programmatic character may not be entirely flat, if they’re cliche enough.
01[14:28] Ah, of course newsboy is evil.
[14:28] At least Ryuko’s over herself.
01[14:28] That’s true.
01[14:28] Wait, so Nui is a master of disguise now too?
[14:29] Grand Coutier. What’s a disguise but a change of clothes?
01[14:29] I do love her leaning on the titles.
01[14:29] Well, that was unexpected.
01[14:30] Is Satsuki about to rescue Ryuko?
[14:30] Nui! <3
[14:30] Unwinnable boss battles are always frustrating.
01[14:31] Oh shit, this is the midseries revamp of the main character’s mecha, isn’t it?
01[14:32] Okay, that picked up at the end.
[14:32] Yeah, this isn’t a series content with letting its characters stew in their own angst.
01[14:32] Still don’t feel like there’s sufficient investment in Ryuko’s nonexistant character to care about her angst, but at least it was over quickly.
01[14:33] Anyway, ’twas fun!
[14:34] ‘Twas. 🙂
[14:34] Crystal later today, right?
[14:34] Yup
01[14:34] I believe there’s no Sailor Moon today, right?
01[14:34] I actually don’t think there’s an episode.
[14:34] I mean’t yup to twas fun not crystal
[14:34] It’s been two weeks…
01[14:34] It’s First and Third Saturday, not every two weeks.
01[14:34] This is the fifth Saturday in August.
[14:34] Nope. It’s just 4 up
[14:34] Oh. And you’re right.
[14:34] Huh, it’s true, 5 isn’t out yet
[14:35] Next week, then.
[14:35] 5 is next week
01[14:35] Yeah, I’m pretty sure the new Crystal is next week, so that’s when we’ll have the double live blog.

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