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So, the general consensus I seem to be getting regarding doing solo Let’s Plays is “don’t.” So scrap that idea.

I’m in a bit of a writing slump lately, and being ill hasn’t helped. (I am basically mildly ill about 90% of my waking hours this past month, occasionally flaring into something more debilitating. I know what it is and what caused it, it’s a chronic thing I’ve had for years. There’s basically nothing I can do about it in the short term, and I’m already working on the medium term. Long term… well, in the long term everyone’s got the same prognosis eventually, right?) My own stuff has been kind of lagging, particularly the Madoka book, but I’ve got some guest posts and collaborations coming up that I’m pushing my way through. As those go up I’ll link them here, of course.

Anyway, I’m going to try to keep churning through the last couple dozen pony posts each weekend, and I’ll try to keep up with quasi-interesting daily thoughts as well–and as I mentioned elsewhere, I have already written a six-part series to go up on alternate Wednesdays after I run out of Utena–but I make no promises regarding Fiction Friday (“oh no!” cried all zero fans of Fiction Friday) or anything else really.

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  1. Dang… I was looking forward to the LPs (of course, I couldn't counter the consensus since, a few hours after I'd just gotten my laptop back from repairs, I broke the stupid thing again and didn't get it back 'til yesterday). And, rest assured, Fiction Fridays do have at least one fan.

    I do hope you feel better, as eventual as that goal may be. I've been there.

  2. I quite liked the “choosing ones” concept from this past Friday.

    Oh, I just noticed the sidebar still says Madoka Magica every Wed.

    I'm quite interested in the subject of the proposed LP but it seems afearful burden to undertake, especially in the face of illness and other projects.

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