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Sorry to get this up so late, as I mentioned I’ve been ill the last few days.

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Kill la Kill chatlog below the cut!

[13:59] So, when we left off, Nui had interrupted the boss marathon and challenged our heroine
[13:59] And Satsuki actually seemed to be rooting for Ryuko
01[13:59] Yep.
[13:59] Ready…
[13:59] Click
[14:00] Ooh, her stick-on fingernails have hidden snaggers
[14:00] Dunh dunh DUNH…
[14:00] The one-armed man shows himself.
[14:01] Wait, wrong show.
[14:01] “Hi! I killed your dad! =D”
01[14:01] I still don’t actually believe it was her, she doesn’t look anything like the sillhouette in the flashback.
[14:01] Memory is a tricky thing.
01[14:01] Unless she deliberately dressed like Satsuki for the kill… but then why reveal her part now?
[14:02] Something tells me Satsuki’s mom is orchestrating something
01[14:02] Yeah, but this ain’t Utena. This show isn’t smart enough to play with the flexibility of memory.
[14:02] Ad.
[14:03] And we’re back.
[14:04] Did Ryuko actually witness her dad’s death?
[14:04] Oops, Ryuko’s getting careless
[14:04] From the flashback, Ryuko found him already stabbed with one half of the scissors left in him
01[14:04] I thought in the flashbacks she was outside the house when it happened and saw someone fleeing.
[14:04] Dat homoerotic subtext
[14:05] “Narrow-minded,” she says
01[14:05] Oh god, Nui’s a shipper.
[14:05] Yeesh, it’s not even SUBtext, it’s jut text
[14:05] Supertext?
[14:06] GAH
[14:06] No closeups please
[14:06] She manages to be creepier than Mako’s entire family
[14:06] Because of course she has a weaponized tape measure
[14:06] Whoa, Ryuko’s dad could kick ass
[14:07] He’s Pai Mei
[14:08] Now THIS is a villain speech
[14:08] Oh… she lost her eye doing that?
[14:08] Wow
[14:08] And now we know why she has an eyepatch.
[14:09] Ad.
01[14:09] Huh.
01[14:09] Guess they must have changed their mind on what happened some time after animating Ryuuko’s flashback.
[14:10] We’re back.
01[14:10] That or, of course, Nui’s still lying, but it seems unlikely at this point.
[14:10] I figured they just used the art to lie
[14:10] I’m pretty sure that’s the case.
[14:10] Whoa
[14:10] Overload
[14:10] GAH
[14:11] Satsuki to the rescue!
[14:11] Is Mako friends with the Elite Four now?
[14:11] He… he does?
[14:12] Are you really that surprised?
[14:12] Tautology
01[14:12] If the next episode involves them shouting technobabble to recover Ryuko while she has a weird out-of-body experience and meets her dad…
[14:12] AHAHAH
[14:12] Gamagoori telling a considerably-more-handsome guy to cover up
[14:13] Ah, the Elite Four are coming to help Ryuko?
[14:13] And we see Satsuki’s Eva form
[14:13] Everyone to the rescue!
[14:13] “House call?”
[14:13] This episode is awesome
[14:14] Such a reassurance
[14:14] Ad.
[14:14] Last one. Yay.
[14:14] Yay indeed
01[14:15] The episode is only half over, I’m worried it’ll be one long boring fight scene from here…
[14:15] And we’re back.
[14:16] And Nui is a Paper Mario character.
[14:16] So, perv teacher is finally getting off his ass and doing something
[14:16] Whoa
[14:17] Nui is not going to go down that easy,but it was an awesome trap
[14:18] Everyone’s turned up
[14:18] Huh?
01[14:18] Why is there LAVA?
[14:18] Why not?
[14:18] Her blood is that hot.
[14:19] Dat symbolism
[14:19] Ooh, they’re going to kiss
[14:19] So, when’s Mako going to arrive with the transfusion?
[14:19] Kamui vs Kamui: More sparkly than the Twilight Saga.
[14:20] But she’sgoing to interfere anyway
[14:21] Huh? Is this going to end like the first Pokémon movie?
[14:21] Or not
[14:21] Much more liquid space.
01[14:21] Cooldown hug?
[14:21] Literally.
[14:21] “How I was?” When?
[14:21] Ah yes, the Fight Club
01[14:22] …Or you could break her neck.
[14:22] That’s how they draw burn marks?
[14:22] Yeah, it is
[14:22] I think they’re like grill lines.
[14:22] Ah, that makes sense… the Life Fibers
[14:22] D’aww
[14:23] Whoa, literal rubber neck
[14:23] “Drama,” she calls it
01[14:23] Wow, those things coming out of Mako’s face are DISGUSTING
[14:23] …What?
[14:24] Chekhov’s Red Herring
[14:24] Is Nui seriously going to put up with being banned?
[14:24] Ah, of course not
[14:25] Don’t close the window, guys. There’s more after the credits.
[14:25] I figured that, given how early it was
01[14:25] So can we just have the rest of the show be about Satsuki already?
[14:25] Well, something tells me they’re going to be friends before too ong
01[14:26] I mean, she’s awful, but way more interesting than anybody else, and she has more interesting antagonists if Nui’s anything to go by.
[14:26] Prediction (don’t tell me if I’m right): Satsuki needs Ryuko’s help to take down Nui and her mom
[14:28] Does Ryuko even care about the other academies?
01[14:28] Oh ho, so she’s going to conquer the remaining schools.
01[14:28] Presumably to find more candidates for high-level uniforms for the army she’s going to need to take on her mom and Nui?
[14:29] And so, field trips are the next high school experience to be militarized.
01[14:29] Yep.
01[14:30] Okay, final thoughts before I post this up?
[14:30] So a ways back, me and Sylocat established that Satsuki is the game designer, and she’s been setting herself up as the final boss
01[14:30] And then meet back here at 3 for Sailor Moon?
[14:30] Well,my prediction is on the record
[14:30] Nui rolls up and tells Ryuko that no, SHE is the final boss, and also reveals the secret Satsuki has been holding in front of Ryuko like a carrot, and almost gets Ryuko killed
[14:31] Berserk Ryuko is the weirdest Ganmen.
[14:31] And then that last conversation, Satsuki more or less reestablishes the previous dynamic where she is the final boss who knows the secrets Ryuko wants
01[14:31] Yeah, it’s even weirder than the banana thing. 

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