Seeing as my office has decided this is a games site…

No, seriously, for the past two weeks the automatic content filter at my work has started blocking all of MLPomo, and informs me it’s classified as “Games” when I try to visit. No idea why it’s blocked while, for instance, Nintendo Project Reloaded is just fine.

Anyway, if this is a games site, let’s talk games. The window to record anything with Viga is now basically over until the end of the year, and uncertain then. So if I do Let’s Plays, it’ll be just me for the time being.

I ran some experiments and it looks like I can more-or-less successfully record off my PC. I’m thinking of doing an FFV Let’s Play–I haven’t played it in a long time, I like it, and it’s not something you see covered a lot.

My main question is: should I try to be funny? Or intelligent/analytical? Or both?

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  1. It's because I anthropomorphized Capitalism as a lady in a dress made of money. That's why your work likes my blog. Clearly.

    I personally like informative LP. With a game like FF5 and its great Job system, perhaps you could show off some of the lesser-used ones. The Four Job Fiesta goes a long way with this, but could be fun.

  2. I would say whatever style or mix of styles is most interesting and fun for you – your engagement, passion, and enjoyment will come across and I think that's what engages audiences.

  3. For me, the gold standard of Let's Play that straddles the line between informative and entertaining will always be ChipCheeezum's Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

    In general, I find having more than one person doing commentary is ideal, unless you know the game back and forth and have plenty to talk about. Having someone to play off of, to ask questions, to react to things as a newcomer – on top of having the person who knows the game and can play it very well – is a great start for a decent LP.

  4. A bit more realistically and generally: The style should be tailored to the LPer and the game, and you should have your production workflow figured out before you start. If you end up working on a series that takes too long or you otherwise don't like after the honeymoon's over, you risk burning out.

    Why yes, I do take Let's Play a bit too seriously, why do you ask?

  5. The Let's Play format that I've found the most compelling is Chip Cheezum's. If you're not familiar, Chip plays for 100% completion, and then shows the recording to a second commentator (normally General Ironicus, but not always) who more often than not has not played at all. Their recorded conversation playing over the gameplay video is the LP.

    He's covered all of the Metal Gear games so far and his format is in my opinion the best way to experience the series – better even than playing the games yourself.

    One thing in particular that I recommend is to record first, and then record commentary afterwards – this will afford you the opportunity to fast forward or cut out grinding (I personally prefer fast forward).

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