What’s your preferred form of caffeine intake?

Assuming you have one, of course. I think it is the most or second-most consumed drug in the Western world (honestly not sure how it stacks against alcohol), so I’m guessing most of you do.

Mine’s definitely tea. I like a nice smooth unsweetened iced tea, usually black or a black-green blend. Gold Peak makes a good one, and the Safeway store brand is also not bad. Earl Gray, hot, with either a splash of skim milk or way too much sugar is also good. I prefer Wissotsky for that. And soy chai lattes, hot in the winter, frozen in the summer. I usually get Starbucks because it’s readily available, but Caribou Coffee is actually a lot better.

How about you?

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  1. Tea, preferably strong, preferably iced. Can't stand hot food or drink. Every morning, when I get to work, I make a cup of hot tea in the break room and leave it on my desk for an hour. After that, it's mouth-puckeringly strong and cool enough for my purposes.

  2. I drink a lot of tea, but on my doctor's advice, it's decaf. So my main caffeine intake is fizzy drinks; I have a glass of Irn Bru with dinner most days, and will probably get a can of Coke if I'm in town.

    On the other hand, I often won't bother asking for decaf tea when I'm in a cafe. And the procedure for getting tea at the college cafeteria was so arcane that I decided it was simpler to have a latte.

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