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Sorry to get this up so late, as I mentioned I’ve been ill the last few days.

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Chatlog below the cut!

[14:00] …Who is that?
[14:00] Umbrella person?
[14:00] You’ll find out.
[14:01] Dang, Nonoi has a dirty mouth when she’s angry
[14:01] Well… that’s quite an opening
[14:01] Is she the fifth member of the Elite Four, who left before they got big? (Don’t actually answer that, FoME.)
[14:01] Out of curiosity, is every episode title in this show a song title? I’m fairly certain a lot are.
[14:02] Really? I hadn’t noticed.
[14:02] Yup. It’s the naming motif. Old J-Pop hits.
[14:02] According to TV Tropes, anyway.
[14:02] They’re all lines spoken in the episodes, too, aren’t they?
[14:02] Ad at the end of the theme song.
[14:03] I’m not sure that anyone said “trigger” in the episode named “trigger”
[14:03] Let us know when it’s done
[14:03] Hmm, maybe not, then.
[14:03] It was made by Trigger. Does that count?
[14:03] I do remember that every Madoka episode was named after a line spoken in the episode

[14:03] Yes, Gurren Lagann, too–and every arc used lines from a different character. In a font associated with that character.
[14:04] We’re good.
[14:04] Rego
[14:04] …The Can Can, because of course it’s the Can Can
[14:04] So, it’s a dogfight rather than a catfight
[14:04] Which is actually from a ballet about Orpheus, dunno if that’ll be significant.
[14:04] Can’t it be both?
[14:05] Sequence breaker Ryuko.
[14:05] Ah, of course… she’s trying to glitch out of the boss arena
[14:06] Now that’s an impending-doom face
[14:06] Collar McDatapants: Tumblr’s spirit animal.
[14:06] Ouch
[14:06] You do not mess with Collar McDatapants’s laptop
[14:06] She exploded into trombones.
[14:07] Just noticed the skeletal extra arms. Weird.
[14:07] Ryuko has learned too much from them
[14:07] Note that the skull on Nonon’s hat is that of the monkey from her flashback.
[14:07] Ah, and now the Uberpervert is back
[14:08] ..oh.
[14:08] Ah, she has another form?
[14:09] I love Nonon’s theme attacks
[14:09] Gee, that’s not a suggstive shot at all
[14:09] Ooh, Nonon’s hacked the game!
[14:09] Ryuko is paralyzed! She may be unable to move!
[14:10] Man, I hate when the boss has attacks that do damage AND inflict status.
[14:10] Whoa… she’s dancing to the rhythm
[14:11] like Po, in Kung Fu Panda 2
[14:11] Ahahahah
[14:11] “This is what I mean by pure stupidity”
[14:12] Dueling leitfmotifs!
[14:12] No, don’t get into a magic beam duel, Nonon…

[14:12] LITERAL theme music powerup. Haven’t seen one of those since AKB0048.
[14:12] Roll over, Beethoven.
[14:13] “Curtains”
[14:13] Did he just unzip his hoodie just to gasp?
[14:13] Yes, yes he did
[14:13] Ad.
[14:13] Who are you, Umbrella girl? What do you know?
[14:13] At least Nonon gets to keep the monkey bones.
[14:13] Let me guess, Umbrella Person is a superboss of some sort?
[14:13] (don’t answer that, FoME)
[14:14] I’m not that bad, am I?
[14:14] we’re just teasing 🙂
[14:14] Sorry
[14:14] You did ignore the first warning that one day. I only had to be told once.
[14:14] It’s cool. We’re back.
[14:14] We all understand that speculation phrased in the form of a question is not meant to be answered.
[14:15] Ah, Collar McDatapants isn’t the only one collecting battle data
[14:15] Ah, a true Magic Bullet
[14:16] I’ve started calling that teacher “Mr. Kimura”
[14:16] Ouch
[14:16] Lol, yes.
[14:16] Nonon fights dirty
[14:18] ….Huh?
[14:18] “Sanageyama?”
[14:18] Sword Monkey.
[14:18] Ah, she doesn’t even have a Pokédex entry?
[14:18] “Mai Famili,” he shouts in English
[14:19] Ad.
[14:19] The plot thickens
[14:19] Satsuki is the only one who has any idea who she is

[14:19] Ah, of course Ryuko reverts to normal uniform. I was wondering how they were going to shoehorn in her transformation sequence this episode.
[14:19] I’m guessing she’s connected with Satsuki’s family somehow.
[14:20] And we’re back.
[14:21] Wow
[14:21] RAGYO Kiryuin?
[14:21] Satsuki’s mom gets the full supervillain treatment
[14:21] She fully levelled up her backlight.
[14:21] Oh, she’s Satsuki’s mom’s dressmaker.
[14:22] Ahah… she’s leaning on her own title card
[14:22] She just reached across the splitscreen!
[14:22] And stroking Satsuki’s hair from 10000 yards away
[14:22] She’s my favorite.
[14:22] ONe of her nicknames is Nui Pie, for obvious reasons.
[14:22] And of course she’s the most badass one of all
[14:22] Yo Sanegayama, when Satsuki tells you to gtfo, you should do that
[14:22] “I have a bad feeling about this,” says Senketsu
[14:23] Uh, Sword Monkey, I could have told you that was a bad idea
[14:24] Is Mako going to join the Elite Four at the end
[14:24] Nonon is disappointed by the failure of the exposition character.
[14:24] Of course the supervillain’s dressmaker knows the weak spots on the magic clothes.
[14:24] Dat symbolism
[14:24] Ah, but now, Ryuko can’t absorb Sword Monkey’s power, if Nui broke the key fiber
[14:25] I love that Nui has splitscreen-bridging powers
[14:25] She really is the Pinkie Pie of this show
[14:26] Huh? Satsuki is rooting for Ryuko?
[14:26] Well she clearly doesn’t like Nui
[14:26] Dunh Dunh DUNNNNH!
[14:26] What.
[14:27] Oh, it… is… ON.
[14:27] But she looks nothing like the sillhouette!

[14:27] This is a trick.
[14:27] And Ryuko’s falling for it
[14:27] Wow
[14:27] Yeah.
[14:27] And once she transforms, Rui can use the scissorblade to try to steal her uniform’s powers or something.
[14:28] Okay, this is getting more interesting now.
[14:28] Note also: Nui just spoiled the lever Satsuki was using to move Ryuko
[14:28] Especially Satsuki rooting for Ryuko.
[14:28] Yeah… I wanna see where this is going
[14:29] Plus, who are the Nudists going to use that bullet on now, Ryuko or Nui?
[14:29] Something tells me firing that bullet at Nui won’t end well for the Nudists
[14:29] The question is, are they smart enough to realize that (probably not, but you never know)
[14:29] Yeah, which is why I think it’s more likely.
[14:30] So, on a semi-related note, I’m entirely in favor of the double feature plan for next week.
[14:31] Yeah, nobody has weighed in with an opinion on that AT ALL.
[14:31] Well, I think it goes without saying that I’m in favor
[14:33] Double feature?
[14:33] Kill la Kill and the newest Sailor Moon Crystal.
[14:33] Every other week a new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal is released
[14:33] For the thursday post, Froborr alternates between liveblogging that and Utena Dumps
[14:34] Last week, instead of watching it alone he watched it with us after the KlK ep
[14:34] Ah yex
[14:34] I remember that
[14:34] Wednesday post, but yes.
[14:35] What do you think of doing two KlK episodes on weeks that don’t have a crystal ep? Would that lead to running out of KlK before the MLP hiatus ends?
[14:36] If we do run out of KlK, we could just pick something else
[14:36] Well, it’s twenty four episodes. We have thirteen left, and we’d be running through three every two weeks…
[14:36] Also, I’m pretty sure KlK is going to end anyway, well before the hiatus ends
[14:37] Even if we only watch one a week, we’ll still be done by November
[14:38] No, I want to stick with one Kill la Kill a week.

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