One year of having my own domain

Yes, it’s now been very nearly a year since I purchased my own domain!

What’s that, you say? You’ve never seen that domain? That’s because there’s no content on it! Because figuring out how to put content on it is confusing and hard!

Here is what I want:

  • I want this blog to have its own domain. I want to keep all the content, and preferably have more comment moderation options than I do now.
  • I want a blog-like interface, preferably WordPress. By that, I mean that the tool I use to update the site and manage comments is exactly like a blog that doesn’t have it’s own domain.
  • I want to never, ever, ever, have to touch any other tools, even for a second. If I need to set some parameters once, then hit a button to send the blog live, and forever after it works like a regular blog? That’s unacceptable. It has to be exactly like running a blog that doesn’t have its own domain.
  • I am okay with having to tell a person what my domain name is and then they do all the settings for me and then I can run it like a blog.

Who can I throw money at to make this happen, and how much money can I expect to need to throw?

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  1. Saying WordPress, the obvious choice is I've not used their service personally, but I'd expect it would be just like having a * blog (that is, dead simple to use) with a few more bells/whistles.

    There are plenty of web hosts that can likely beat that $99/yr in cost, but they generally assume some knowledge of how to run the site on your part- expecting those kinds of solutions to be as easy to use as the “official” WordPress one would be a mistake.

  2. I have a domain through WordPress now (yay! It's only $19.99 if you are hosted on WordPress and not on an external server. It was literally three or four button clicks, with a form to fill out with your credit card information. However, I'm not sure how that works if you already own the domain independently, as I signed up through the site. In addition, you'd have to move the entire blog to WordPress, which has the potential to be really complicated. However, I really like the comment moderation system.

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