So I’ve been reading Madoka spinoff manga…

I’m not going to go into much detail because they are going to be book-exclusive chapters on them, but here’s some quick mini-reviews:

  • Different Story is really pretty good. It’s not as good as the series or Rebellion, but then few things are. It’s a nice exploration of the two magical girls that probably got the least development in the series, and does a strong job of maintaining the general tone and depth of character that defines the series.
  • Oriko Magica is all right. It’s not the best, but it’s not too long and has some nifty bits. It stumbles a bit on characterizing the new girls, but keeps up the tone well, and Kyouko focus is always welcome.
  • Kazumi Magica is unmitigated crap. It goes on seemingly forever, has far too many characters, most of whom are so ill-defined as to blend together, utterly lacks any kind of thematic cohesion, and looks like bad fan-art. It’s clearly a product of a kitchen-sink mentality, with characters and concepts crammed in without any regard for how they interact or whether there is anything interesting to do with them. Also, it’s got Male Gaze all the way up its ass, frequently literally..

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  1. So, planning to read Tart or Suzune when they become available? I've got a positive feeling about the former and a vaguely negative feeling about the latter.

  2. I dunno. Possibly eventually, if I remember to? I am not really a big manga person to be honest. They require a lot of focus on my part to keep them from turning into incomprehensible jumbles of lines.

  3. Sounds like it could be something for the hypothetical Madoka continuation. Since Suzune and Tart will probably be translated when that happens.

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