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Chatlog below the cut!

[14:00] *sigh*
[14:00] Let the tournament arc begin.
[14:01] So it’s a boss rush
[14:02] That’s right, I forgot, he showed he had a code of honor last episode
[14:02] AHAHAH
[14:02] Speaking of scheduling…
[14:03] So I’m guessing episodes 9-12 are the four Elite Four battles and then episode 13 where people keep telling me the series gets actually good?
[14:03] Oh, and let me know if you hit ads, as always.
[14:04] Not exactly.
[14:04] FoME, remember to neither confirm nor deny
[14:04] Hahah…
[14:04] She stole a store display
[14:05] *sigh* The show continues this pattern of having a funny visual, but then ruining the humor by having a character shout the reason it’s funny.
[14:05] Wow
[14:05] Suddenly I like this guy
[14:06] I do like how Mako has become background.
[14:06] The show obviously doesn’t use cels, yet for this scene they’re mimicking the cel/background visual distinction.
[14:06] Is everyone quiet, or have I been disconnected without realizing it?
[14:07] FoME, you reading this?
[14:07] Ad, by the way.
[14:07] Paused
[14:07] I remember when I was  a kid, I was real pleased with myself when I realized I could tell when something in a looney tune was going to move just be looking at it
[14:07] And it’s over.
[14:07] That was quick.
[14:08] * FoME (442704d2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[14:08] Round One:
[14:08] * FoME (442704d2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined ##rabbitcube
[14:08] He looks COMPLETELY frickin’ ridiculous.
[14:08] Mummy?
[14:09] Ah, a gimp
[14:09] *facepalm*
[14:09] Oh yikes…
[14:09] Dat metaphor
[14:09] No, seriously, Gomogori went from pretty cool to kind of disgusting at the end of last episode.
[14:10] And now he’s spanking her.
[14:10] But the fanservice in this show is “satirical.” Right.
[14:10] Cloth. Armor.
[14:11] …Or not
[14:11] Like in D&D.
[14:11] Ad.
[14:11] And we’re back.
[14:12] Time to Tentacle Hentai is yet another anime equivalent to video games’ Time to Crate.
[14:13] Only Satsuki knows it’s not time to gloat yet
[14:14] Satsuki continues to be badass.
[14:14] Whoa
[14:14] Okay, that was pretty cool on Gomogori’s part too.
[14:15] …He got like three times bigger than during the fight.
[14:15] No wonder she picked him for the Elite Four
[14:15] He has Evangelion-calibre size-changing powers.
[14:15] He does that.
[14:15] Wow
[14:15] Satsuki is awesome
[14:16] Satsuki is easily and by far the best thing about this show. I am pretty much watching for her.
[14:17] She’s tryign to overload him, right?
[14:17] There is a plan, but that’s not it.
[14:18] He bit through the ball gag?
[14:18] It IS pretty self-serving garbage.
[14:18] AHAHAH… him calling her deviant.
[14:19] Oh jeez
[14:19] That’s… rather on-the-nose
[14:19] CONFORM
[14:19] Yeah. Just a bit.
[14:20] …Did the “ultimate whip of love” come out of his CROTCH?
[14:20] Did I just see that?
[14:20] Of course it did
[14:20] Where else?
[14:21] Well duh
[14:21] RYUKO… WINS
[14:22] NUDALITY
[14:22] lol
[14:22] Aww, she saves him
[14:22] …was he about to commit seppuku or stab himself in the crotch?
[14:22] …Either seems in-character.
[14:22] Seppuku.
[14:23] I think.
[14:23] Ah, this guy’s next
[14:23] He’s the one we know the least about so far
[14:23] Is next episode where he gets his character development?

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