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Chatlog below the cut!

[12:59] click
[13:00] I like this episode already
[13:00] Whoa!
[13:00] Mako has a spy network?
[13:00] Ah, he goes bishounen on her
[13:00] Wait, Mako… did something clever?
[13:00] It’s super effective!
[13:01] Why are his nipples glowing?
[13:01] So this is the episode where Glowing Pink Nipples first appear
[13:01] Those are here to stay
[13:01] Like I said, I like this episode already
[13:01] I love that organization name
[13:02] Bob’s Burgers flashbacks.  This can only be a good thing.
[13:04] Commercial break–60 seconds.
[13:04] It started right after the credits?
[13:04] Commercials?  Yup.
[13:05] And back.
[13:05] I wonder what the terrible dark secret of where life fibers come from is.
[13:05] I missed the call to pause. My bad, next time there’s an ad let me know when it is so I can reset to it.
[13:05] Given that they feed on human blood…
[13:06] Nudist silkworms.
[13:06] Shower scene, of course
[13:07] Ooh, flashback
[13:08] “Gang Leader Alliance Representative?”
[13:08] Dang, sassy drum majorette is sassy.
[13:08] Oh, there’s a monkey image there.
[13:09] Wow… blunt end, no less
[13:09] That looked paiful.
[13:09] Ah, he joined her party after she beat him
[13:09] So, will he join Matoi’s party after SHE beats him?
[13:10] Yes, obviously the cup’s handle is the deadliest part.
[13:10] Aww, she broke her favorite teacup?
[13:10] …Whoa
[13:11] There’s someone higher up than Satsuki? Is that what’s implied?
[13:11] btw this music is Ragyo’s leitmotif
[13:11] We’ve heard of her before
[13:11] Lance just found this awesome Dratini and he wants to battle!
[13:11] Yeah, in the episode where she took the uniform from the lab.
[13:11] Ah yes, forgot about that
[13:12] Okay, so the higher-up uniforms are straight-up mecha?
[13:12] Ooh, he used an illusion decoy?
[13:12] I never noticed the teeth on her skirt before, those are hilarious.
[13:12] Two can do that move
[13:13] So. That’s a dude who turns his Gaze on Ryuko to empower his stick.
[13:13] Ah, so THAT’s his weak spot
[13:14] Yeesh, this boss is tough
[13:14] AHAHAH
[13:14] After his Gaze is obstructed, Sageyama’s stick becomes limp and ineffectual.
[13:15] …yeah.
[13:15] The Freudian reading is explicit in the text.
[13:15] So, is he going to join Ryuko now?
[13:16] Ahahah…. “Iron” gets him high-graded
[13:17] Ragyo is Satsuki’s mother!
[13:17] Did we know that?
[13:17] He wants a rematch already?
[13:17] Life Fiber blindfold, I’m guessing?
[13:18] Ooh, Ryuko’s trying to psyche out Satsuki?
[13:18] …no, just a mark 2.
[13:19] You were on the right track, but you didn’t go far enough along it.
[13:19] Eww
[13:19] Ah, this is Phase 2 of the boss fight
[13:19] Where he loses his weak spot and you have to find another one
[13:20] Ah, he’s got Zatoichi powers now
[13:20] Yeah, gimmicky first phase, slugfest second phase.
[13:20] That Dragonite cannot possibly exist.
[13:20] Yikes… she’s lost some heavy HP there
[13:22] AHAHAH… he overloaded!
[13:22] Haaaaaaaaaaaaax
[13:22] It was one of those self-destroying bosses where you only have to outlast him
[13:22] Like the Lava Reef Zone boss, or the rematch with the Red Dragon in FFVI Advance
[13:23] “Behind?” He’s in front of her
[13:23] Wait, does she have a soft spot?
[13:23] Wow
[13:24] That was actually a really good episode!
[13:24] Yeah… a lot of symbolism
[13:24] There’s going to be a bunch like it
[13:24] But between that and this, a Mankanshoku family focus episode
[13:24] ~look forward to next week~
[13:24] Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[13:24] Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[13:25] Also, please refrain from posting spoilers like that in future?
[13:25] Will they get some actual character development, finally?
[13:25] Alright
[13:25] Hmm, judging from the preview, I’m almost optimistic
[13:26] Anyway, I like that in order to win, he had to sacrifice the ability to enjoy his prize.
[13:26] That’s a pretty darn good metaphor
[13:26] Yep.
[13:27] It wasn’t about the prize to begin with
[13:27] I know, but I still liked it.
[13:27] And I feel like this is the first episode where they’re *actually* satirizing fanservice and the male gaze, instead of that being an excuse to revel in it.
[13:27] The metaphor still works
[13:29] Last week, when FoME was calling Sanegayama “sword monkey” I didn’t remember that nickname was directly out of the show
[13:29] Also I am pretty sure I can now tell the difference between sword-monkey and bishie homeroom teach.
[13:30] Well, I must be off… got an early rehearsal today
[13:30] That paining of a monkey that briefly appeared in the flashback, I wonder if it’s a famous classical work?
[13:30] Next week, I think, I’ll be able to make it at the regular time
[13:31] G’day to y’all
[13:31] I wouldn’t know how to check, but I suspect it’s  a depiction of Wukong.
[13:32] If you could get a clear image of it, you could use Reverse Image Search.
[13:33] Anyway, looks like we’re dispersing, so, later all!
[13:34] Have a good afternoon

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