News Dump

Various bits of news and future planning today:

  1. My Little Po-Mo, Book 2: Book 2 is running a bit late but proceeding apace. I will almost definitely miss the July deadline, but hopefully by no more than a couple of weeks. I will also be writing the commissioned essays during the next couple of months, so expect to see those soon.
  2. My Little Po-Mo, Book 3: The next book will compile the Fanworks Month and Derivative Works Month articles, plus Season 3. I expect to run a Kickstarter for it in September, October at the latest. (Kickstarter fail rates skyrocket in November-December, so if I don’t get it by then it’s not happening this year.)
  3. My Little Po-Mo, endgame: This past weekend’s Equestria Girls post was the final Derivative Works Month article. Ever. Next week begins Season Four, which as I’ve said several times is the end of the project; I will do Season 5 liveblogs, but I am not planning on doing full articles for it. Season 4 coverage will begin, as I said, with the ending, then jump back to the beginning. I do not expect any lengthy breaks, just the occasional guest post here and there while I’m at a convention, so My Little Po-Mo should end in about 30 weeks, give or take.
  4. Site redesign/move: So, I got an e-mail this morning that the domain name I registered last year expires in two months. Eh-heh-heh… oops. I really do want to get moving on this, but I am very much at sea with these things, so it’s taking a long while. It WILL be happening at some point, though.
  5. The Very Soil book: No Kickstarter for The Very Soil, as I said. I am hoping to have it off to the editor by the end of the month. It will of course contain all of the The Very Soil articles, with expansions and revisions, and right now I’m looking at adding three more, one each on Kazumi Magica and Oriko Magica, and one additional “Against _____.”
  6. Let’s Plays: Recording begins tonight, if all goes according to plan. Our first two games will be Final Fantasy III (the U.S.-released Super Nintendo game, FF6 in Japan) and The Ur-Quan Masters HD. Not sure yet if we’re going to go straight through one and then the other, or alternate. Our next game after that will probably be Terranigma, but that’s pretty far off. Not sure yet about formats and release schedules; we’ll play it by ear.

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  1. I had a notion that the ideas in our chat could be pulled together into an essay (looking at the chat, it might be two essays – the first covering Homura's belief in sin, and the second covering Nutcracker resonances with reference to the first) suitable for inclusion in the book, but if it's happening so soon that may be too ambitious to contemplate.

    By the way, did you hear that they're doing a manga on Joan d'Arc? Tart Magica. Somehow they derived “tart” from “d'arc.”

  2. Wikipedia is hardly reliable, but:

    “The surname of Arc is a translation of d'Arc, which itself is a nineteenth-century French approximation of her father's name. Apostrophes were never used in fifteenth-century French surnames, which sometimes leads to confusion between place names and other names that begin with the letter D. Based on Latin records, which do reflect a difference, her father's name was more likely Darc. Spelling was also phonetic and original records produce his surname in at least nine different forms, such as Dars, Day, Darx, Dare, Tarc, Tart or Dart”

  3. I honestly had never even heard of it until a couple years ago when I saw it recommended on Extra Credits, and it turned out to be… well, masterful.

  4. Ah yes, FFIII/VI, the game that more or less was my childhood. This'll help keep me going while I wait for Return of the Dark Sorcerer.

  5. How did MY OWN BLOG eat my comment? I really need to get the lead out on switching to WordPress…

    Anyway, the gist of the original comment was that I'm not comfortable publishing collaborations/guest posts in the books, because unlike the blog I get money for those, which means at paying royalties to their writers, which means figuring out how much is fair and making contracts and having to remember to send them checks every quarter or whatever and it's just too much to deal with. Sorry.

  6. *looks up what Return of the Dark Sorcerer is*

    Um. So, no offense to you or the people making it, but based on the screenshots… that looks really awful, in that special “Double Rainboom” sort of memetic kitchen sink way…

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