I’ve got nothin’

The old inspiration well is running a bit dry at the moment, so… uh… Saturdays will be Kill la Kill liveblogs starting, not this coming Saturday, but the one after. This Saturday’s apparently my birthday, according to Facebook and my sister, and she’s taking me out. (My sister, not Facebook. So far as I know, Facebook, treated as a gestalt entity, is neither taking me out nor has a gender identity.)

This Saturday I’ll probably post an Utena thoughts dump for the first five episodes, and then pick some other day of the week to do that going forward. I have more Bakemonogatari thoughts to dump, too, but I’m not somewhere I can access them at the moment so they’re not today’s post.

Other than that, uh… what would you like to see? Keep in mind that I’m currently doing two large analysis and one large fiction post a week, so time-consuming things are unlikely to happen remotely regularly. But aside from that, anything in particular you’d like to see me do?

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