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  1. Well that certainly puts a more eschatological bent on things… so how do you presume the road would carry on from here to this possible destination?

  2. Not really, things are way too different for that to work. Skoripan was originally a price cursed by Tirek with that from, not his brother. A human prince at that, meaning humans were plentiful in Pony Land (considering how obtain they showed up), and nopony found it strange .

    Also, this is just a distraction from the fact you didn't know what to live blog this week isn't it?

  3. It can't be, because Firefly founded the Wonderbolts in the past.

    Or maybe it's a time loop, a la WALL•E being a Noah's Arc parallel.

  4. Given that all I know of Gen1 is vague memories of seeing the Tirek special/movie/episode whatever it was when I was a child and what Spoilers Below has written about it, I suspect I am not the person to answer this question.

  5. Maybe the prince was named after Tirek's brother, who went down in legend as a hero.

    And obviously humans have to enter Equestria/Ponyland some time after Gen4, since they're pretty accepting of Megan too IIRC.

  6. As I pointed out to Whiteeyes, it IS possible for more than one person to have the same name.

    But my vote is for time loop. Given the option, my vote is ALWAYS for time loop.

  7. Unless, of course, they are elves in Tolkien's world, or any other system where a name functions as a unique identifier.

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