Trying out the Doctor Who RPG…

Only done character creation so far; are party consists of a PTSD-afflicted combat medic descended from a certain Victorian detective’s sidekick (me), a Peace Corps lifer with a knack for improvised technology, a soldier fresh from putting down the Ood Rebellion, and a talking dog with telekinesis (the party diplomat, obviously).

Not having played yet, I can’t say much about the system, but character creation was fairly straightforward and easy, and already just from looking at the rules it’s clear both that there’s a fairly hefty random factor to actions (somewhat mitigated by the use of degrees of success/failure, but still) and that combat is heavily de-emphasized (the turn order is determined by choice of action rather than a stat or roll, and talking, running, and nonviolent action all go before attacking). So they are clearly trying to get the mechanics to reflect the spirit of the show. 
Once we get another session in a few weeks, I’ll let you know if they succeeded. 

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  1. I hope my session meets your expectations! I'm a little nervous about being a first time GM on a system I've never used, so I think it will be interesting, if nothing else.

  2. I definitely think it will be interesting! And to be honest, in my experience the most difficult part of GMing is getting to know the player group, and it seems like (except for me) you've already played with this group a lot. That's a big advantage!

  3. Well, I believe the plan is to only do a one-shot for starters. So you will most likely be getting one for that. Beyond that, I make no promises.

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