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For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, I finished the first draft of My Little Po-Mo vol. 2 in the wee hours of Sunday morning and sent it off to my editor. Now I’m tired and therefore going to be kind of lazy this week. I already have something small queued up for Wednesday, and there will be the usual liveblog chat thingy Saturday. Other than that, no guarantees about content this week. I’m not actively calling for them, but if anyone wants to submit a guest post, now would be the ideal time.

Actually, you know what, I am going to actively request a guest post: Is there anyone who really hates¬†Twilicorn? Or who at least hated it at the time? Want to write about why? Because, spoilers, I’m going to be overwhelmingly positive about it in my next article (as in, I believe it saved the show), and it would be cool to have a counterbalancing opinion.

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  1. I don't know how I keep screwing up this stupid commenting system. Anyways.

    I'd be willing to. Back when Magical Mystery Cure had just aired and we had no idea where the show was going to go, I was pretty loud in my protestations against the choice to alicornize Twilight. I'm sure I can dig up my old Reddit comments to show how I felt. I thought they'd have to break her from the main group, I thought they'd have to treat her as special, I thought Twilight would lose her sympathetic character and be a Mary Sue… basically all the things “Princess Twilight Sparkle” and the movie answered and disproved. I'm more okay with it now that it's been implemented and resolved, but back when it was still a question mark… hoo boy.

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