MLP Livebolog Chat Thingy: “Inspiration Manifestation”

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Chatlog below the cut… sort of…

[16:47] <Froborr> Okay, so before I start an apology: the reason there are separate chats is because I tried to pull an all-nighter to finish the book, and I failed.
[16:48] <Froborr> Around 9:30 A.M. I decided to go to sleep, and I set an alarm for 2:45 P.M. so I could be on time for this chat.
[16:48] <Froborr> I woke up at 4:30.
[16:48] <Froborr> I have no idea why the alarm never went off. I’m kind of annoyed about it.
[16:48] <Froborr> Anyway: show.
[16:49] <Froborr> Street fair, huh?
[16:49] <Froborr> That really doesn’t like Rarity’s scene.
[16:49] <Froborr> *feel like
[16:49] <Froborr> I will admit, Spike is less bad than any other dragon we’ve seen.
[16:50] <Froborr> CREEPY DOLLS
[16:50] <Froborr> Aw, poor Rarity.
[16:50] <Froborr> I have a nasty feeling this is going to be a Spike and Rarity episode. I really really hope they gave it to a good Rarity writer…
[16:51] <Froborr> The music coming back was great, very classic melodrama.
[16:51] <Froborr> Oh good, Meghan McCarthy cowrote.
[16:52] <Froborr> Guess of the moment: Spike goes all over the place trying to help Rarity, and by the time he gets back she’s already gotten over the setback and doing something new.
[16:52] <Froborr> Ew, I suspect mixing magic an creative work is not a good idea.
[16:52] <Froborr> Yes Spike, use the obviously evil book that’s ben locked away
[16:53] <Froborr> I did not think he could do that at this age
[16:53] <Froborr> Spike is just fucking with Owlowiscious at this point.
[16:55] <Froborr> So Rarity is god now.
[16:55] <Froborr> That’s a pretty potent little spell.
[16:56] <Froborr> What is up with the weird way this guy talks?
[16:57] <Froborr> So, this is basically going to be The Cutie Box, but it’s Spike’s fault.
[16:57] <Froborr> Owlowiscious knows what’s up.
[16:57] <Froborr> OH NO, RARITY’S HAVING A RAVE!
[16:58] <Froborr> No, she’s just unable to stop creating.
[16:58] <Froborr> It’s basically that curse from the Sandman issue with the muse and the really evil author.
[17:00] <Froborr> Yep, Rarity’s going into full megalomia, and of course Spike is doing whatever she wants and thus unable to see how messed up she is.
[17:01] <Froborr> Okay, this birdhouse sequence is pretty funny.
[17:02] <Froborr> Spike: Stop agreeing with everything Rarity says, she is never going to sleep with you!
[17:03] <Froborr> I can hear the Nightmare Moon voice starting to seep in a bit. It’s a good touch.
[17:04] <Froborr> Spike, Rarity is now ACTIVELY ENDANGERING LIVES.
[17:05] <Froborr> Blah blah sometimes the best way to support someone is to tell them they’re screwing up
[17:05] <Froborr> Weirdly, this is EXACTLY what the book chapter I was working on this morning is about.
[17:05] <Froborr> Spike is definitely being the bronies this episode.
[17:07] <Froborr> …You breath fire that can melt a lock, but you eat the book? Great thinking there, Spike.
[17:07] <Froborr> SPIKE. STAHP.
[17:08] <Froborr> Spike just very nearly got Owlowiscious killed.
[17:08] <Froborr> Okay, that tree is legit awesome.
[17:09] <Froborr> Rarity doesn’t remember? Spike had better honestly tell her what happened.
[17:09] <Froborr> Ah, good. Points to Spike for not trying to keep it a secret.
[17:10] <Froborr> And we end on–surprise!–Spike is a jerk.
[17:11] <Froborr> At some point you have to wonder why that library has so many dark magic tomes in it.
[17:11] <Froborr> Okay, so… that episode was all right?
[17:11] <Froborr> I mean, that’s about as good as Spike episodes are going to get, I’m just really sick of Spike episodes.
[17:11] <Froborr> Though it’s not really the show’s fault that I reviewed one just last weekend.

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  1. Okay, since it was just me today, I edited out my username-tags.

    [14:15] click
    [14:15] Whoa
    [14:15] Weird cold-open music
    [14:15] “Colt and filly fair?”
    [14:15] Oh wow
    [14:15] A whole lot of theatre references this season
    [14:15] Oh boy
    [14:16] Spike is once again going to make a fool of himself
    [14:16] Oh yikes…
    [14:16] What the… what is that?
    [14:16] Who is that supposed to be?
    [14:16] Oh yikes those are some creepy dolls
    [14:16] Opening credits
    [14:17] I have a feeling that pony was supposed to look like someone specific, but I can't quite put my finger on it
    [14:17] Wow, the music in this one is weird
    [14:17] Ah, Spike ticking it off on his fingers
    [14:17] The faintingcouch
    [14:17] Oh no, the ice cream
    [14:18] Mom just said, “Why can't she just use her magic to expand it?”
    [14:18] Wait, is he at the ancient castle?
    [14:18] Yes, that's the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters
    [14:18] Oh yikes, Spike gets a little encouragement and he's off on a tear
    [14:19] Oops, he opened the secret passage
    [14:19] And revealed… wow
    [14:19] Owlowiscious doesn't like it
    [14:19] This cannot be good
    [14:19] So it's Aladdin all of a sudden?
    [14:20] How did Spike not notice… oh my god
    [14:20] That's at least 15 gallons of ice cream
    [14:20] “Vanilla oat swirl?”
    [14:20] Oh wow
    [14:21] I didn't even notice the 3D spikes before
    [14:21] Wha… her magic is changing colors?
    [14:21] It's turning green? Is she going to turn into a Changeling?
    [14:21] And her eyes are glowing green now
    [14:21] This cannot end well
    [14:22] Mom just said, “Uh oh.” I sympathize
    [14:22] Those puppets are just… creepy
    [14:22] Whoa
    [14:23] Moral: Don't seek approval from jerks like this guy
    [14:23] And now when it all goes wrong, Spike will be too afraid to mention it
    [14:23] Oh yikes, she's getting power-drunk already
    [14:24] Since when is Owlowiscious his conscience?
    [14:24] Oh wow
    [14:24] This is just creepy
    [14:24] It looks like my neighbor's house, she was a hoarder
    [14:24] Uh oh, it's amplifying her fabulousness
    [14:25] Yes, even Rarity can have too much fabulousness
    [14:25] Rarity, don't try and improve anything of Applejack's
    [14:26] Oh, that book is doing this on purpose
    [14:26] Yep, it's puppeteering her
    [14:26] Pinkie promise?
    [14:26] Oh yikes
    [14:26] Rainbow Dash always dresses in style
    [14:27] (and now she can't even move)
    [14:27] But wait, won't Rarity automatically be assumed the culprit?
    [14:27] Whoa
    [14:27] A bird mansion
    [14:27] With doors and closets
    [14:28] Oh no, the book is granting HIS secret desires
    [14:28] The book wants him for some reason
    [14:28] Yeesh
    [14:29] This is scary
    [14:29] Octavia?!
    [14:29] Wait, how did… huh?
    [14:29] Wow
    [14:30] Wow, diamond armor!
    [14:30] Don't mine at night
    [14:30] He didn't even have to mine at night
    [14:30] Twilight's been running around cleaning up after them all day, am I right?
    [14:31] Wait, he can understand Owlowiscious? Or wait, is he just projecting his own thoughts onto Owlowiscious?
    [14:31] This is some Sphere-level mythology right here
    [14:32] The streets are paved with gold, huh?
    [14:32] Or is it a yellow brick road?
    [14:32] Or both
    [14:32] Yeah, that book has a will of its own
    [14:32] Ahahah, a winking owl
    [14:32] Uh oh… she's gonna zap Owlowiscious
    [14:33] Whoa, he ate the book?
    [14:33] Oh great…
    [14:33] Things are going from bad to worse
    [14:34] Yikes, this is a metaphor for how geeks fail to call each other out on bad behavior
    [14:34] That's what Spike needs to learn
    [14:35] Whoa
    [14:35] Ah… yeah, this is a pretty apt metaphor
    [14:36] Oh yikes
    [14:36] Oh nooooooooo
    [14:36] What an ending
    [14:37] Okay… that started out horrible and then got great.
    [14:37] That's my verdict, anyway.

  2. Wait, if dragons are supposed to represent the dark side of geekdom, then that book is supposed to represent a Buffy-esque metaphor for the side effects of insularity… the way it seems to almost deliberately target Spike, the way it plays on all his issues to keep him enabling it… wow.

  3. I am indeed. Though my more popular creation is 191, the Cyborg Child (which Dr. Clef collaborated on).

    I should go back and finish a few more of my half-baked ideas, one of these days.

  4. It kind of is. Spike is Bronconius… so that means we should get rid of him, right?

    (No but seriously, we went all season with no Spike episodes and it was the best season to date. This is not a coincidence.)

  5. Or, more optimistically, the book was Bronconius, and calling others out doesn't have to lead to friendship-destroying catastrophes amongst the non-Bronconii.

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