Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Spoiler-Free Review

I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier  last night. Here’s what I can say without spoiling it: All that relatively subtle poking of the post-9/11 security-theater world in Iron Man 3? “You have to forget about New York” and all that?

Yeah, they’re not being remotely subtle anymore, and it’s glorious. There’s even a largely successful attempt to reclaim iconic 9/11 imagery as a symbol of resistance to the surveillance state. I’ll talk more tomorrow when I get spoilery. As any good Captain America story should be, this is about the ghost of our grandparents looking at our world, and finding it insufficiently progressive.

Also cool action sequences, an update of one of the last Marvel heroes I was expecting to see in a movie, and a mostly predictable but still entertaining conspiracy-thriller plot. (Oddly, the thing I was surprised by was played as being not particularly revelatory, while I saw the Big Twist coming miles away.)

None of the warmth of the first Captain America, and that’s most definitely intentional. This is an angry movie, and rightly so. One of the best entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date.

I saw Muppets Most Wanted as well. Amusing, also lacked the warmth of the previous movie, and suffered terribly for it. Probably worth a rent if you like the Muppets (which I very much do, rather predictably), but not worth the cost of a movie ticket.

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  1. Went out and saw Winter Soldier tonight based on your review. I was quite pleased overall. One minor quibble: Batroc contained insufficient moustache. Looking forward to you getting spoilery.

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