Helping out some friends…

My friend Maria is collecting misconceptions about bronies for a project she’s working on. If you are a brony and have encountered misconceptions about them, tweet the misconceptions @TheMadameMeow. You can also see some of the misconceptions she’s collected at

She’s also looking for stories of people who met their significant others through fandom, so if you have, please contact her as well.

Meanwhile, three others of my friends are in need of financial help:

  • Charles Dunbar is an anthropology grad student studying Japanese culture and U.S. convention culture (and also my editor). He’s seriously awesome and all of the reward levels on his gofundme are worth it.
  • Kit Paige is a similarly awesome grad student studying Japanese culture. All of her gofundme‘s reward levels are likewise completely worth it.
  • And of course you all know how awesome Viga is, since you can see the kickass logo she designed for me at the top of this page. And, you guessed it, the rewards on her gofundme are bargains as well.

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