Am I the only one who feels this way?

I can’t shed the worry that I’ve actually posted this thought before, but a search didn’t reveal it, so: Am I the only one who’s more interested in the next X-Men movie than the next Marvel movie? Obviously, it’s hard to judge a movie by its trailer, but based on what I’ve seen, neither the new Captain America nor Guardians of the Galaxy looks like it’ll be up my alley, though at the moment I plan to see both. Meanwhile, I really enjoyed X-Men: First Class and I love stories about time travel, especially ones that follow events in both time periods. (Once again I point to Frequency as the closest to perfection of any movie about time travel I’ve ever seen.) So I find myself, even though I disliked X-Men 3 and deliberately avoided the Wolverine movies, much more interested in Days of Future Past than anything Marvel’s got lined up this year. (Though what I’m really anticipating is the Black Widow movie, but that’s still a good couple of years off.)

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  1. Wait, you're not looking forward to seeing Rocket Raccoon onscreen?! He's a talking raccoon with a machine gun, and his girlfriend is an otter with a sniper rifle!

    In other news, though, I liked the first two X-Men movies, but they're kind of dated… they were made during the era of “embarrassed” comic book movies, hence the “What would you prefer? Yellow spandex?” line. The Raimi Spider-Man movies were instrumental in bringing that down, and the MCU is pretty much the reason “First Class” was so good, since they weren't afraid to take on the silliness of their source material and play it straight.

    (by the way, speaking of time travel movies, have you seen Primer? It's… well, this tells you what kind of movie it is, and it's awesome)

    Also, have you seen the LEGO Movie?

  2. I've been an anime fan for 20 years now. There is zero novelty for me in seeing an animated, armed small fuzzy thing.

    I have not seen either Primer or The Lego Movie. I don't like to go to the movies alone, and I have no friends who live within 200 miles, so.

  3. Primer was made on a budget of around $2000 (and that's not a typo), so I don't think it was in any cinemas even when it was released. If you like time travel stories, it's one to watch (and then watch a second and third time, with pencil & paper at the ready to figure out what the devil is going on).

    Also, you are certainly not alone. I liked Thor and RDJ puts in an excellent performance (and the nerd-meltdown over Iron Man 3 was very satisfying to watch), but overall the X-men just appeals to me more. For all that's it's done in an incredibly cack-handed way, the X-men films are at least trying to engage with real issues, rather than using them as a backdrop.

  4. Okay, the two of you have made Primer sound sufficiently intriguing for me to check it out.

    I will admit to only having seen the first three X-Men movies and First Class, but… really? I see very little engagement of real-world issues in the movies other than a very generic “Bigotry Bad!” while Iron Man 3 and Captain America 2 both put in some serious and much-needed work toward changing the untouchable status of 9/11 and Manichaean view of the security agency vs terrorist dynamic.

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