Blog Status Update

The Kickstarter has two days to go, and is now fully funded! However, it’s only $175 away from the first stretch goal; can we make it?

So, I’m basically back up on my feet at this point. Having a day off from work due to snowstorm helped quite a lot with the convention prep, though it means my need to work ridiculously long hours will now be extending through all of next week. Nonetheless, I think I can catch up sufficiently to promise the following:

  • Tomorrow, I will post the script for Latin Latin Madoka More Latin 3, one of the panels I’ll be presenting at Anime Boston this weekend.
  • Thoughts of the day resume Thursday.
  • There’s about an 80% chance of Fiction Friday this week, otherwise it will be a Thought of the Day.
  • There will be a thread for the Saturday pony liveblog, but I won’t actually be there. I will update with my own thoughts whenever I get around to watching the episode.
  • Sunday will be a guest post.
  • Normal schedule resumes Monday, and I do not anticipate any delays, guest posts, or Book Versions for the remainder of MLP Season 3 or Madoka Magica. 
  • Despite earlier statements, The Near-Apocalypse of ’09 will not be starting immediately upon the end of The Very Soil. I am going to take at least a month off after The Very Soil to do some research first.

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