State of the Blog: Next Couple of Weeks

Okay, so being out sick a couple of days has completely screwed me. I am in serious deadline crunch at work, and probably going to fail to hit the most immediate deadline. On top of that, Anime Boston just let me know that actually they don’t want me to do one panel, they want me to do THREE. Admittedly, one of them I’ve done before and can easily do again, but the other two require work.

So, first things first, daily posts will be occasional and intermittent through the end of next week. Second, the next two Fiction Fridays are canceled. Third, next week’s The Very Soil will be replaced by something else Madoka-related. I’m going to *try* to get something up for the next My Little Po-Mo, since “Wonderbolt Academy” shouldn’t be *too* difficult to write about, but my priorities for the immediate future have to be work->panels->blog.

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