Watched the first season of Community over the weekend…

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It’s a good show! Made me laugh out loud at least a dozen times over the course of the first season, which is really good for a sitcom.

One thing that stuck out to me, though, was what Jeff is for. He is by far the least interesting character, and yet gets the most focus, when by all rights the series should be by Abed’s point of view. Of course I’m asking the question facetiously; it’s fairly obvious that what he’s for is to be the straight white man, who is beloved by all and at the center of every romantic plot tumor because he is the straight white man, as opposed to having any redeeming features or being entertaining.

Ah well, maybe as the show goes on they’ll shift focus off him and Britta and onto actually funny characters like Abed, Troy, and Annie. That seemed to be happening in the middle of the first season, so maybe the beginning and end of the season were aberrations or the show playing safe to attract new viewers. (Not to imply that focusing on a dough-eyed, large-breasted, skinny young white woman is particularly risky television, but at least she’s actually funny and entertaining, unlike Jeff and Britta.)

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  1. Give Jeff and Britta some time. By Season 3 (the hands down best season of Television I can remember) they are both consistently interesting. Overtime it becomes far more of an ensemble piece.

  2. Yeah, I watched the first episode of Season 2 while getting ready for work this morning, and Abed's lampshading of how boring the Jeff-Britta relationship drama is was quite heartening. At least it shows the writers are aware of the problem.

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