Announcing the My Little Po-Mo Volume 2 Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter for the second My Little Po-Mo book is now officially underway! This book will include all of the Season 2 My Little Po-Mo articles, plus the Best Pony articles from the Volume 1 Kickstarter, and additional content on the “dark side” of the fandom.

You can back the Kickstarter here!

And as long as you have your wallets out, two more worthy causes to which you can give: You can help Viga pay for art school (and earn some custom art in the process), or you can help the family of Michael Morones, the bullied Brony boy who attempted suicide.

0 thoughts on “Announcing the My Little Po-Mo Volume 2 Kickstarter!

  1. Assuming you're serious, the main issue is that The Very Soil will end up being too short for a print book. So basically I need to either create a book that has large amounts of non-Madoka content, or do it as an e-book only. Either way, my editor is going to be busy with the pony book until June-ish, so it'll be a while yet.

  2. isn't the whole idea behind the kick starter is that its paying you to just sit down and crank out this stuff? I mean, obviously if you don't want to theres that, but it doesn't seem like there isn't enough material to make a booklet of some kind even if you didn't want to put together a tome. while your own assessments are striking there's also those made by others that might be included or just gone over yourself. the tarot symbology is a good example.

  3. Depends on the Kickstarter. The ones I run pay strictly for editing and design services, all of the work I actually do myself is free.

    Yeah, one option would be to just add a lot of additional content, but here's the thing: MLPoMo vol. 1 is a short book, and that's with as much content as I could think to add to a 26-episode season. Madoka is 12 episodes and a movie, so it's barely half as long to start with.

    Or to put it in perspective another way: When I finish it, The Very Soil will be about the same length as the *one post* I made on real-world alchemy and FMA.

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