A Bit of a Pattern with Rarity

As if there needed to be more reasons to dislike “Simple Ways,” the inimitable Viga (whose gofundme is still running, by the way) pointed out a rather unfortunate pattern to me yesterday: Rarity has had three cases of having a crush on a pony, because she’s the “girly one” and romance “girly.” If we have to have romance in ponies (which, as I have made fairly clear, I’d very much prefer we didn’t, but that fleet of ships appears to have sailed), can’t we mix it up a bit and get one of the less “girly” ponies like Rainbow Dash or Applejack to fall for someone?

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  1. Applejack is too busy selling apples and apple accessories (and being best background pony) to care about romance. In fact, she seemed actively distressed by Trenderhoof's interest in her.

    Rainbow Dash wants to be /admired/, but I don't think she'd really want to be tied down to one horse, and she doesn't really seem like the type to care much for anything closer than a friendship anyway.

  2. Yes, and Rarity has her art and Twilight her research and Pinkie her parties, which is why I think there just shouldn't be any romance in the show. ALL the characters have more important (and more interesting) things to do with their time!

  3. I don't mind the show dealing with this sort of thing. I agree that perhaps other ponies should be involved. Just as long as it's not Applejack or Twilight…as they're my OTP.

  4. I tend to agree. That is better left for fanfics. And the only good romance story involving well-known Equestrians was the way Shining Armor and Cadance were handled in the two-parter in the official comics. And that was a flashback, but it worked very well.

    Dashie definitely seems more comfortable being looked up to but apart from her sisterly relationship with Scootaloo, more in a general sense. She'd rather be told she's the coolest pony than that she's a potential love interest.

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