Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Good Parts Version

A friend of mine recently requested that I, as the big Trekkie of our circle of friends, compile a list for him of the episodes of TNG actually worth watching. It has since occurred to me that the show ended before some of my readers were born, and is available on Netflix (at least in the US) and as such the list I provided for him may be appreciated by others. 

So, I present STTNG: The Good Parts Version. 

Season 1: There is absolutely nothing worth watching in Season 1 unless you are already a huge fan of the show. 

Season 2:
“The Measure of a Man” (Note: Since you’re skipping the first season, it’s important you know going in that the original Chief of Security before Worf was a woman named Tasha Yar, she and Data had a thing, and she died really pointlessly. Also, while this is a good episode, this is probably not a good FIRST episode. If you’ve never seen the show, watch “Who Watches the Watchers” and “Tin Man” first, then come back here and proceed in order.)
“Q Who”
Season 3:
“Who Watches the Watchers?”
“Deja Q”
“Yesterday’s Enterprise”
“The Offspring”
“Tin Man”
“Hollow Pursuits”
“Sarek” (If you’re not familiar with the original series, you should know that Sarek is Spock’s father.)
“The Best of Both Worlds, Pt 1”
Season 4:
“The Best of Both Worlds, Pt 2”
“Brothers” (Backstory from an episode you skipped: Lore is Data’s older brother/prototype. He has full human emotions, but went murderous and evil, which is why Data doesn’t have emotions.)
“Remember Me”
“The Wounded”
“The Nth Degree”
“The Drumhead”
Season 5:
“Ensign Ro”
“Unification, Pt 1”
“Unification, Pt 2”
“A Matter of Time” (Interesting mostly for the historical detail that it was intended to be a Doctor Who crossover, but that idea was nixed before they got as far as talking to BBC.)
“The First Duty”
“I Borg”
“The Inner Light”
Season 6:
“Realm of Fear”
“Relics” (I am honestly curious whether this is a good episode on its own, or only if you’ve seen TOS. Enjoy being my guinea pigs! (I suspect the former.))
“A Fistful of Datas”
“The Quality of Life”
“Chain of Command, Pt 1”
“Chain of Command, Pt 2”
“Ship in a Bottle”
“The Chase” (If only for the astoundingly, laughably bad science. I mean even more so than is typical for Trek.) 
“Frame of Mind”
“Second Chances”
“Descent, Pt 1”
Season 7:
“Descent, Pt 2”
“The Pegasus”
“Lower Decks”
“Thine Own Self”
“All Good Things”

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