An Excellent Theory on the Current Season of MLP

In case you missed it, Sylocat commented on Saturday’s liveblog post with an excellent theory on what’s going on in the current season of Friendship Is Magic.

To summarize, the theory is an elaboration of the by-now standard fan theory that the rainbow-sheened objects the Mane Six are accumulating are in some way the keys to the crystal chest from the season premiere. Sylocat’s expansion is that these items represent a moment when one of the Mane Six was not only the epitome of their own Element of Harmony, but brought it out in someone else. So, for example, Rarity’s rainbow thread exemplifies not only her own generosity but the generosity she brought out in Coco Ponel.

I like this theory quite a lot, and think that thus far it fits pretty consistently with the events of the season. I think it also meshes well with my own theory, which is that they’re in the process of creating new Elements of Harmony that do not require draining the Tree of Harmony.

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  1. I think Sylo's take on the “keys” makes a lot of sense, and I agree with you that they're likely building towards a new version of the EoH. My suspicion is that the “Rainbow Power” toyline is foreshadowing/a tie-in to where this season is going, and what's in the box will lead to a more magical-girl style version of the EoH that matches the even more colorful crazy-hair versions of the characters we're seeing in the toys.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out!

    There's probably some metaphor here about how, now that the show is displaying more of a continuity, the character arcs have matured enough that the show is beginning to struggle to have the Mane Six need to learn these friendship lessons themselves, and instead must now (inspire the audience to) go out and spread the magic of friendship to others.

  3. The “Rainbow Power” thing explains the keys having the rainbow shimmer, as well as the rainbow shimmer in the ponies' eyes when they have the epiphanies that drive them to pass the “tests” to be rewarded with said keys.

    Also, it matches up neatly with the “Rainbow Dash approach” Froborr has discussed before… and coincides with the more action-adventure-y focus of this season, perhaps because the show is no longer constrained by the enforced slice-of-life tone of the previous seasons, and can now ascend into the adventure/magical-girl hybrid show it was originally conceived as.

  4. I think their will sum sort of portal that will suck them in and spit them out apart from each other and have to use what they learned from their key episodes to unlock the true power of the elements of harmony housed inside Each of them thus becoming the rainbow ponies shown in toys only then reuniting to save equestria from an evil threat of some sort.
    But that's just a theory, a pony theory
    Sorry couldn't resist

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