Anime recs?

So, the most recent anime I’ve watched to completion is AKB0048; the second-most recent is Madoka Magica. I gave Attack on Titan the 3-episode test and found it boring. (Please don’t bother telling me it gets better later on; I’m not a student anymore, so if it takes more than three episodes to get good I don’t have time for it.)

What anime of the last couple of years should I be watching? Nothing more than 30 episodes please, see aforementioned time constraints.

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  1. Bodacious Space Pirates is a ton of fun and, perhaps contrary to appearances, one of the most progressive anime in recent years. Psycho-Pass tackles the question, “What if Madoka Kaname was a young adult who didn't have night-omnipotent potential?” Gatchaman Crowds turns the superhero genre inside out and explores the future of social media, and has a blast while doing so.

  2. I just finished Madoka Magica recently, and loved it! I also felt similarly about SNK – I got 6 episodes in and found it extremely tedious. Buuut I've also been enjoying Kill la Kill, it's very entertaining imo

  3. If you want heavy, pre-Madoka Urobuchi, then try Fate/Zero. If you want a popcorn series (entertaining, but not much substance), try Bodacious Space Pirates or Sword Art Online.

    Personally, though, I would recommend Kokoro Connect. Good drama and near-perfect pacing.

  4. I've seen Cowboy Bebop. It's good, but spends too much time on Spike's nonsense, not enough on Ed, Ein, and Fay.

    I've seen the first episode of Baccano! and have NO IDEA what happened in it. I probably should not have tried to watch it while doing dishes, it clearly requires actual paying of attention. I did note it has the greatest character names in anything ever. I will add it to the list.

  5. I saw part of the first episode of Kill la Kill and found it disturbingly molest-y. But I will give it the three episode test.

    I saw the first episode of Eccentric Family and quite liked it, but it was the same day I saw the first episode of Breaking Bad and then watched nothing else for a week. I really should go back to it.

  6. Clarification: The day I watched the first episode of Breaking Bad, and then watched nothing but Breaking Bad for a week, which is how long it took to watch all of Breaking Bad.

  7. I personally like Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (sp?). It's a bit more intellectual than most anime, and I like how it takes a different look at the fantasy adventure set-up by pointing out how having the hero assassinate the demon king wouldn't fix the politico-socio-economical issues which brought about and were brought about by war.
    The anime doesn't seem particularly popular, though. Maybe I have weird tastes?

  8. My recommendation is for the anime Log Horizon. It's still ongoing, recently having episode seventeen come out on Crunchy Roll, but it's a very good series, especially since I believe it has a large amount of Post Modernist leanings, meaning I think you would rather enjoy it.

  9. I haven't actually watched too many recent anime…

    Serial Experiments Lain is from the late 90's, and it's a trippy cyberpunk type deal. TV Tropes describes it as the seinen equivalent to Evangelion's shonen and Utena's shojo. It's 13 episodes, so not an enormous time investment.

    Psycho Pass has an interesting premise, and it's definitely not brainless or anything (heh), but I'd say it's weaker than Madoka Magica.

  10. Girls und Panzer. It's short (12 episodes, not counting recaps), has some interesting things to say about gender, and has been a huge hit.

    I also second Bodacious Space Pirates. But it's also more than twice as long as Girls und Panzer.

    Both are available for free on Crunchyroll. I've got short and mostly (but not entirely) spoiler-free reviews of both of them here:

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