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  1. I've never liked Monopoly – I find it boring and tedious. However, I did play a very odd combination of Monopoly and Life and real life at a friend's house a couple of months ago that had an odd appeal – The Farming Game (http://www.farmgame.com). Unlike Monopoly, where you randomly lose money for no apparent reason, you lose money in the Farming Game for realistic reasons, like a hail storm knocked out all of your crops or all of your crops got sick. The incredible difficulty of winning, which is making enough money to farm full-time, is kind of depressing, being that it reflects a real situation for a lot of people.

  2. Monopoly wasn't supposed to be fun. It was designed to critique capitalism.

    But it's supposed to make you hate rent-seeking monopolistic behavior, not games, so I'll grant it's still not quite working as intended. =P

  3. Sort of? Landlord was a critique of capitalism, but by the time Parker Bros. got ahold of it… well, I'm pretty sure they were fans of capitalism.

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