Someone in Japan found my blog!

Someone wrote about one of my posts here.

Based on what little I can glean from feeding it into Google Translate, it’s a response to my article Corpse of Milk on Madoka Magica: Rebellion. It appears to be part of a series on international responses to the movie? The most interesting thing for me is the spot where (as always, assuming that Google Translate can be trusted) they appear to be seeing that the general consensus of Japanese viewers is that Madoka is a very Christian story, while I said that it’s quite Buddhist. They found that contrast interesting, and so do I.

Anybody out there good at Japanese and willing to translate/summarize what the person is actually saying?

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  1. The particular entry seems to be mostly trying to interpret what your post was saying, for a Japanese audience, as much as a quick scan (for me) reads.

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