Observations from MAGFest 12

I went to MAGFest (the Music and Gaming Festival) 12 in National Harbor, MD over the weekend. Here are some observations:

  • Every MAGFest I discover something new at the concerts. Last year was the metal awesomeness of Rare Candy; this year it was the classical awesomeness of Triforce Quartet.
  • I did not enjoy Machinae Supremacy as much as everyone said I would. This may be due to equipment issues–the audio equipment was clearly not able to handle volume that high, and kept clipping and distorting the sound, making it next to impossible to hear the music.
  • No game gathers a crowd of people wanting to join in as quickly as Cards Against Humanity. However, this effect only occurs if you’re actually playing; sitting around with an open box waiting for people to join in takes quite a while.
  • Sunday is basically pointless. There are no concerts and the board game library closes ridiculously early (I was there between 11:30 and noon and it was already closed), so the result is a Music and Gaming Festival with no music and no gaming.
  • I got more Street Pass tags on my 3DS in one weekend at MAGFest than in the rest of the time I’ve owned it.

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