0 thoughts on “Bats!

  1. While I did enjoy it quite a bit, .. I did find myself liking Castle-mania even more. I may need to rewatch Bats! to fully judge, though. It might be the fact I disliked the song .. hum.

  2. I thought the song was a bit underwhelming, yeah. On the other hand, Flutterbat was adorable, and the moral was a great one that more kidshows need to emphasize. Not sure how I feel about Pinkie's tentacle mane. I guess between that and AJ's tail, we can assume that “prehensile hair” is part of Earth Pony magic. I wonder if Twilight can do that now? Hang on, let me get back on track. The episode, right. It was pretty awesome. I'm always happy to see bats in media, especially when they're treated sympathetically. Bats are wonderful creatures, and I get so tired of seeing them used for cheap scares or as symbols of evil or creepyness, and… sorry, got off track again. I actually really hope the fang at the end wasn't just a generic “The end… or IS IT?” sting that will never be referenced again.

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