Veronica Mars Season 1

Just a quick reminder, there’s another liveblog for the new MLP episode this Saturday at 10:30 a.m. EST. We’ll be meeting up at in the channel ##rabbitcube. Last time only had a couple people show up–hopefully we’ll get more this time!

Holy crap, y’all, I finished Veronica Mars season 1 last night and it is so good. How did I miss this show when it was airing? (Answer: I was in college, and the TV was therefore dedicated to video games, anime, The Daily Show, and occasionally Conan O’Brien.) (Second answer: It had no science fiction or fantasy elements, and I used to be a genre bigot.)

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  1. Ahhhhhh yes. I love that show.

    If you go on, though, take note: I personally love the second season, but pretty much everyone else besides me says that the show took a nosedive in quality then.

  2. And I'll be one of those people who'll say the show took a nosedive in quality during season 2. Without spoiling things–my brother spoiled the identity of Lily's murderer for me, which I have not forgiven him for–there's a lot to enjoy, still, but the show pretty much exhausted the best bits of its bag of tricks in the first one, and couldn't find new tricks to replace them, and unlike the first season, the overall forest is considerably less interesting than the trees.

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