Live blog Saturday?

I’d like to liveblog the next MLP episode this Saturday. Now, I can do it the same way as the Equestrian Girls liveblog (i.e., put up a post a while before the ep, then anyone can comment as the ep airs), but I would prefer something more active. Does anyone have or know of an IRC channel we can take over for the length of the episode?

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  1. Thanks, that'd be right neighborly of you! Send me the info via e-mail or comment here, and I'll put it in tomorrow's post.

    I've honestly not thought ahead to Volume 4 at all–I only just had the first conversation about Volume 2 with my editor *today*–but if I do it, I don't think I can include the liveblogs. The reason I can include copyrighted material from MLP is because it's the topic of research/review and therefore things like brief quotes and screenshots are Fair Use. The complete text of someone else's chatroom comments, when that chat is not the topic of review but part of the review, doesn't seem like it would qualify.

    Even if I could use them, I'm not sure I should. In general I'm trying to make the books more traditionally scholarly and less bloggy than the blog (since I'm not in the PhD club, I have to continually prove I'm not a crackpot, which is hard since I basically am a crackpot), while the liveblogs are bloggier than the blog is usually.

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