Finally got around to seeing Thor 2…

It was okay I guess? I found myself suffering from serious action fatigue in the fight on Svartalfheim with Thor and Loki. The movie was a little too heavy by that point, needed something fun. My biggest issue with the film, however, was the fact that none of the women had any motivation or agency of their own; they all existed solely to support the dudes.

Overall, though, I still had fun. It was entertaining enough to be worth it, if not as good as The Avengers or even Iron Man 3.

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  1. Somewhere out there is a universe where some random actor played Malekith and Eccleston played the Doctor who fought in the Time War. It's a good universe.

  2. Also, I think it's rather telling that when I talked about the movie with my roommate last night (she saw it opening night), I mentioned Malekith and she answered, “Who?”

  3. I'm looking forward to the deleted scenes, and hopefully a full-blown director's cut. I can tell a lot got left on the cutting room floor.

    Also I've signed that petition for Loki to get a spinoff movie, so he no longer has to get half the screentime of every Thor storyline just to keep the fans from rioting. Or maybe he could wind up as guest heavy on Agents of SHIELD, while the Avengers are fighting Ultron and Thanos.

    Though actually, there are some feminist critics who have very favorable opinions of Thor:TDW's gender role distribution.

  4. Hmm… I think I disagree with that critic. I suppose it *technically* passes the Bechdel test in that Jane and Darcy do not actually say “Thor” in every scene together, but they're talking about their attempts to find a man using technology from another man.

    Ugh, no, can you imagine this movie without Loki in it? It would be unbearable. I definitely want him in every Thor movie.

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