MLP:FIM Premiere: Predictions, Hopes, Fears

The Season Four premiere is only a couple of days away! Do you have any thoughts on it? What do you think is going to happen? What do you hope is going to happen? What are you worried might happen?

Here’s mine:

  • Prediction: Twilight will travel into Luna’s memories to learn the origins of Nightmare Moon as part of dealing with a new crisis, which may or may not be Nightmare Moon-related.
  • Hope: Celestia meant it when she said “We’re all your students now” in the Season Three finale. The premiere ends with Celestia writing a Dear Princess Twilight letter.
  • Fear: Twilight loses her wings at the end of the premiere. I actually don’t think her getting wings or becoming a princess is an inherently good or bad idea, it all came down to execution, and in my opinion they executed it well. More importantly, however, backtracking this quickly on something that was that big a deal last season would be very disappointing.

This is a wild speculation post, so feel free to reply with your own ideas!

0 thoughts on “MLP:FIM Premiere: Predictions, Hopes, Fears

  1. Prediction: That tree we're seeing in the promo images is going to break more headcanons than Discord, HWE, Shining Armor, and Shakespeare Capslock Luna put together.

    Hope: More juicy material for my in-progress Celestia/Discord origin story fanfic.

    Fear: Hmm… well, generally nervicited, but other than that, too psyched to have specific fear.

    And of course

  2. Prediction: The authors are nowhere near out of good ideas and the new season's going to be just as good as the others (I mean holy crap, did you see those preview clips a while back? Every one of those was a solid episode concept). Also, they're not gonna back down on the wings.

    Hope: We get to find out what Discord being “reformed” means, or at least get a brief glimpse (I have no illusions that this is actually going to happen though since it introduces way too much continuity).

    Fear: They'll make a few episodes focusing near-entirely on popular secondary characters like Mac and Cheerilee (especially since I hear rumors the latter was popular enough overseas to get a spot in the credits), and these episodes will be weaker just because the characters aren't as deep.

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