Cue fanboy squealing…

If you follow me on Twitter, or are one of the two people who both read this blog and know me on Facebook, you’ve already heard this, but: Mysticon, a convention in Roanoke, VA, called me yesterday. They just lost their former Guest of Honor, Marina Sertis, so they decided to replace her with another Star Trek: The Next Generation actor, John deLancey, who you probably already know played Q on that show and Discord on Friendship Is Magic.

Since he’s the guest of honor, they want him to have the first panel of the con, and since there’s already going to be a LOT of Star Trek over the weekend, they decided to make it a brony panel instead.

And who’s established himself as their main person for brony-related stuff over the last two years?

So that’s how I ended up as moderator of a John deLancie brony panel. February 21-23, Roanoke, VA.

*incoherent squees*

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