Am I the only one who just doesn’t care about Pokemon X/Y?

Pretty much everyone I know is massively enthused with the new Pokemon games, and I just can’t bring myself to care. I played at least one game of every generation from Blue to Black, as well as the Silver remake, and I’m just exhausted. I can’t bring myself to go to another gym and earn yet another badge, or catch yet another identical Pidgey clone.

At this point, pretty much the only thing that could get me interested again is an MMO. In theory a Pokemon game that had an original plot might do it, but frankly I’ve lost all confidence in the ability of JRPG makers to come up with plots.

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  1. I am deep into Pokemon Y right now. Despite that, I think I get where you're coming from. I had a similar reaction during Black/White. Not saying you'll inevitably get back into it like I did, of course. Pokemon just appeals to the compulsive grinder in me – the same thing that's kept me playing WoW for eight years now.

    I share your loss of confidence in JRPGs as narratives. FFXIII was my last straw.

  2. I'm very much not a fan of grinding. At one time Pokemon's combat system was interesting enough to hold me through all the grinding needed for a game, but now pretty much only Fire Emblem can do that (I'm actually enjoying that the latest one both allows and encourages grinding!)

    I lost my confidence in Squeenix's ability to tell a story or craft an interesting character with the one-two punch of FFX and Star Ocean 3. For a while Monolithsoft's Xenosaga and Sacnoth's Shadow Hearts 3 were able to keep my hope alive, but from what I hear Xenoblade is about 10,000% less interesting than Xenosaga, and Sacnoth doesn't exist anymore as near as I can tell.

  3. I'm gonna put out a long video about why I care so much at some point. It has to do with a childhood dream of growing up to be a pokemon master, and a lifelong desire for a 3D pokemon game.

  4. Xenoblade isn't quite as good as Xenosaga, but only because Xenosaga was a tough act to follow (sort of the District 9 vs. Elysium issue). It's not bad by any means.

    Then again, I liked FFX (in fact I thought it was the best one since VI), so I'm probably not the best judge of game narrative. I agree that SO:TtEoT was a waste of pixels, though.

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